Media and PR

I love telling my readers about new and interesting things and great products that I would recommend. If you would like me to feature your brand or product on my blog then feel free to contact me at

I am willing to :

-do honest and thorough product reviews.

-host product giveaways for my readers.

-tell my readers about new and exciting brands, products, services and events.

Companies who have worked with me in the past include ‘Sinfused’,  ‘Off With Her Head Millinery’, ‘Fashion Pond’, ‘Millenium Hotels’, ‘Costa Bingo’ and ‘’ and all have been very happy with their exposure on my blog.

Looking forward to working with you,

Breige x

1 thought on “Media and PR”

  1. ellieruthstyleblog said:

    you recently liked my blog elliedraytonblog, and I decided to change my name, but it deleted the blog- I now have a new blog called ellieruthstyle and I would be very greatful if you could like my posts and follow me! thank you very much- I really like your blog and if its possible could you please spread the word about my new blog! thanks

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