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I now know the strangest thing I have experienced as a blogger.  It was watching a woman receive botox. You can share the experience too because I filmed it. I also filmed someone receiving lip filler and someone else getting a chemical peel.

I was invited along to Transform Glasgow’s Blogger Information evening to watch and ask questions about their popular non-surgical treatments. It was an eye-opener, literally in the case of the botox.

After I arrived at the hidden in plain sight clinic, which manages to be slap bang in the middle of Glasgow’s city centre without anyone noticing it, I met Sophie from Label PR who welcomed me, and showed me to the clinic’s large and comfortable waiting area where I met two lovely bloggers named Robyn and Ashley.

We chatted about the treatments we were going to watch and took pictures of the on topic cupcakes at the buffet.


A chat and some cocktail sausages later and we were in one of the clinics’ treatment rooms watching a chemical peel being applied. It didn’t take very long and I now believe all those throw away lines about lunch-hour treatments.

This was the result, you can watch the full (and I mean full because I tried the YouTube video editor and we didn’t get on) video below.


After the chemical peel we watched someone receive botox injections on their forehead and around their eyes which was weirdly fascinating. The woman getting it done said it wasn’t very painful but I’ll warn you before you watch the video that there is some blood and whenever she gets injected it puffs up like a bee sting. Each of the videos contain lots of information about the treatments and their aftercare, lasting effects, prices and so on. I would say they are worth a watch if you are thinking of getting any of the treatments.

Then it was time for the last treatment of the evening, the lip filler.  This treatment was the one that I was most eager to see the results of because Kylie Jenner is the only example of lip filler ending up ‘attractive’ that I knew of and the only other times I have seen lip fillers in the media it was usually centred on how horribly wrong they went. But this is where Transform transformed my opinion, not only did the result not look awful, it also didn’t look ‘obviously’ done which is something I imagine that people who want lip fillers would be aiming for.


How weird is that to watch?

So that’s what I saw. What I heard were quite a few bloggers expressing that their opinions about non-surgical treatments on the whole were more positive after the event. My personal opinion? I don’t even know it. While I wouldn’t advocate non-surgical treatments I wouldn’t argue against them either.  I view lip-fillers and botox as being on the extreme side of beauty treatments but  I wouldn’t bat an eye at getting laser hair removal (I am actually going to get that) or teeth whitening and I recognise myself that those opinions are quite contradictory. I think it ultimately comes down to the individual, if you think that plumper lips or less wrinkles or whatever will make you happier and you want to go for it then go for it, I don’t see a difference between getting botox and dying your hair, they both change your natural appearance and following that chain of thought how is make up any different? And if you don’t wear make up or alter your appearance in any way, you know what? I really admire you, because I am one mixed up contradiction of a beauty blogger.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and a BIG thank you to Transform Glasgow and Label PR for inviting me to the event and thank you very much for the great goody-bag. 

20150611_220056Thanks also to goodie bag sponsors Neostrateskin, Hotel Chocolat, Gold Collagen, Beautybay.com, Epionce and Crabtree and Evelyn.