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Yeah so it was out ages ago but I never saw it because it  just never appealed to me.  A zombie falling in love with a human in a spoof comedy just isn’t my thing, or I didn’t think it was.

warm bodies

But this film was actually pretty cool.  My bf recorded it on sky a while ago and last night we had nothing to watch so Warm Bodies got its chance and we both really liked it.

I don’t think any of the trailers show how funny it is so I’m not bothering to post one but you all know how to get to YouTube.  It’s mostly funny but there were a few little bits that frightened me or made me tense but I am a bit of wimp when it comes to ‘scary’ bits in films.

Nicholas Hoult is really good in it, perfectly cast as R.

I’d say it’s a decent comedy, if I was flicking through channels and it was on I’d stop and watch. I think it would be a perfect date movie but also really good if you have a bunch of friends round, it will go down well with both guys and girls. If you get a chance give it a watch 🙂

It has a really good soundtrack too and some on the one liners are gold: