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So I went to the press launch of the Calvin Klein Edinburgh Watch and Jewellery Boutique. The boutique opened on Princes Street in Edinburgh in December but they have been kept quite busy so the press launch was just over a week ago. It’s one of those shops that’s nice to have a browse in, you will see some interesting and lovely pieces and, if you are with someone, you will find yourself saying things like ‘oh look at this.’

It’s also one of those shops that is dangerous for your bank balance. At least, it is for mine. Everything in there was absolutely stunning and absolutely out of my price range..well out of the price range I set for myself, I’m meant to be saving up. I don’t need a watch… I don’t need a gorgeous £160 watch. Do I want one though? Yep. 

And here’s why:



Each watch I tried on just looked gorgeous and elegant and eye-catching.

Some of the collections on display were extra tempting because they included matching jewellery…



So I tried a little bit of that on too…


These pictures show just a tiny amount of the selection Calvin Klein has to offer:


…and I could post a lot more pictures of things that caught my eye but if you want to see more the best thing to do would be to pop into the boutique and see everything in  all its shiny glory for yourself.

But maybe you don’t live near Edinburgh or maybe you just can’t take the temptation…that’s not a problem, you can check out the below post from Lisa, one of the lovely bloggers that I met at the event.


I met some other really nice bloggers who you could check out too, their posts about the event aren’t published yet but they have a lot of other cool stuff going on:



To finish off I would just like thank Amanda for inviting me to the event and all of the boutique staff for being so friendly. Thanks for the goody-bag too!

(My goody-bag contained a Calvin Klein portable speaker and a bottle of Calvin Klein Reveal perfume)