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Recently for a work event I had to stay at a Hotel in Edinburgh.  Since it was for a work event I just wanted something at a good price near the venue I had to go to, and that was pretty much all I considered when looking for a place to stay.

When I got to my hotel it was so nice that it was almost a shame to go to my event. I just wanted to stay in and enjoy my hotel room. For me it is easily the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in, but it certainly wasn’t the most expensive.  For the night the room was £59, or £69 with breakfast.

This is what my room looked like:


20150326_142855 20150326_143155 20150326_142929

The En-suite was lovely too:

20150326_143406 20150326_143350 20150326_143357 20150326_143420 20150326_143440

Seeing this amazing shower made me disappointed that I had turned up with freshly washed hair, I wanted so badly to properly try it out. The hotel did provide shower caps but I have quite long hair and I wouldn’t have had time to dry it if I got it wet. I checked the water pressure though and it was great. The shampoo, conditioner and body lotion provided were from The White Company.

The Excellent Little Touches


The hotel is in Edinburgh so some complimentary Scottish Tunnocks biscuits were a really nice touch. I had a teacake before I even explored the room.20150326_143039 20150326_143303

This little dress stand thing ( yeah I have no idea what it is actually called) was my favourite thing in the room and I want one at home. Unfortunately the straps of my dress for the night were silky and would slide off so I still had to use a coat-hanger.20150326_143220Yep, my room came with it’s own GHD’s, I wouldn’t have brought mine if I had known. I’m pretty sure all of the rooms had GHD’s because a colleague of mine also stayed the night there and she had some in her room too. Her room was a little different to mine but equally lovely.20150326_143057The TV was in the mirror.


So which hotel offers this gorgeous great-value room? That would be the Murrayfield House Hotel in Edinburgh. It is a stone’s throw away from Murrayfield stadium and really near to the city centre. I still can’t believe it was only £59 a night. I had breakfast (which was really nice too) so for me it was £69. I don’t have any reason to stay in Edinburgh again any time soon but I’m pretty sure I’ll find some excuse to stay here again.

So, if you are looking for a hotel in Edinburgh you know where to find a great one.

*This was not a sponsored post, I just stayed at this hotel and thought it was too nice not to share it with you.*

Breige x