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So last week Glasgow gained a cool new store. Perfect Gifts and Interiors opened up on Stockwell street and I went along to their launch night to check it out.

I’ll just say right now that if you go, even with a few pounds in your purse, you will want to buy something and it will be something that you probably won’t find anywhere else in Glasgow.

No prizes for guessing what Perfect Gifts and Interiors sell, (gifts and interiors) but if you like modern, cute and funky products then you will really think that they are perfect. 

They are also quite inspiring, there are lots of gifts and interiors aimed at newly weds, new parents, people in new homes that are just right on mark and at the moment there are also many chic and unusual Christmas decorations and gifts. 

I took so many photos at the Perfect Gifts and Interiors launch night of cool products that caught my eye so I have just added them all below to give you an idea of the type of range you will find.

20141023_184014 20141023_182529 20141023_180722 20141023_181926 20141023_182141 20141023_182135 20141023_182154 20141023_181544 20141023_181636 20141023_181658 20141023_181402 20141023_181410 20141023_181429 20141023_181219 20141023_181234 20141023_181308 20141023_182504 Yes the chandeliers are for sale – I had to ask.20141023_182624

There really are so many lovely products and gift ideas and I was lucky enough to take some home with me in a goody-bag. We also bought two items to give as Christmas gifts so obviously I think Perfect Gifts and Interiors is worth a visit when you are doing your Christmas shopping. You can see what I took home with me below:


Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂