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On Tuesday I sauntered along to a Capital FM Event at Topshop in Glasgow with my boyfriend. I heard about the event through @brantastic_x (Paula) tweeting about it so thanks Paula. I wasn’t too sure what I was in for, I just knew the event was a night of discounts and goody-bags at Topshop and that Jennie Cook from Capital FM would be there. We had decided to go for dinner on Tuesday anyway so thought we would pop along and see if we could grab a bargain. We got there about there about 15 minutes before the doors opened and by the the time they opened there was a big queue. 20141014_185444When we walked through the doors, Jennie already a good playlist going and we were directed to the goody-bag table and handed our bags and then it was time to shop. 20141015_224250 20141015_224449We were also given cans of red bull but we drank those on the way home. I got a blush and a Topshop mag and my bf got a beanie and Topman mag. Not  bad wee freebies for just turning up to shop. Everything was discounted by 20% which was brilliant. I picked up a dress and spotted some really cool Halloween buys: 20141015_223900 I got this gorgeous Maxi-dress for only £8.00, it was already on sale AND I got the discount on it even though it was from the Miss Selfridge section.  20141014_19292020141014_192913 Topshop had a chic little Halloween section. I was going to buy this mask but they eye-shape  didn’t suit me 😦  I thought the blood necklace was really cool, I might actually go back and get it when payday comes. On the night you could also get mini-makeovers, I wasn’t too bothered about this as I still had my work make up on but then I spotted something really cool and I just had to get it done: 20141014_201813 How cool are these glitter lips? I had been at work all day so the rest of me looks a bit ‘meh’ but I had to post a pic to show you these lips. There was quite a crowd around the bit where I was getting this done so I didn’t get a chance to actually see the pots of glitter that were being used and I can’t find them on the topshop website so if you want one you will have to visit a store. It will be worth the trip though. I loved these lips but they weren’t the best make up choice for going out for dinner so in the end we got a Chinese take-away on the way home. So all in all it was a good wee night 🙂 Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂