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I was one of the lucky bloggers who were invited to the Lush Braehead Christmas range unveiling event and I can tell you that Lush has you covered (in sparkles, glitter and amazing scents) this Christmas.

lush tree


They also have you covered for Halloween with a really cool chic little range that you will be both excited and reluctant to use. Excited because these products smell amazing, reluctant because the look so cute that you might be tempted to use them as ornaments rather than bathing products. 

lush collage 1

In fact, there is a lush product for every occasion… even Bonfire Night.


 But let’s get back to Christmas and the launch event, I’ll start at the beginning- when I first walked into Lush Braehead I was directed to the treat table:20141003_175841And then I had 5 minutes or so to wander around the store and take pictures of anything that took my fancy before the event started:

20141003_175919 20141003_180525 20141003_180513 20141003_175850

20141003_180116 20141003_180134 20141003_180455

Once all of the bloggers had arrived we had a fun little ice-breaker event where we introduced ourselves and our blogs and told everyone our favourite thing about Christmas (my favourite Christmas thing is surprises but food was a very big theme with a lot of the other bloggers) We were then split into 3 groups and my group visited the Christmas bath bombs, melts and bubble bars first:


 The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar


20141003_183157_4 Father Christmas Bath Bomb


20141003_182249 20141003_182302 Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


Snow Angel Bath Melt


Dashing Santa

20141003_184948 20141003_185027 20141003_184858

Holly Golightly Bubble Bar

After bath bombs we were shown all of the new shower gels:

20141003_180448 20141003_180430

 There a few more including Snow Fairy but my camera was low on battery at this point so I had to save some for the soaps. Don’t worry, the link to the Full Lush Christmas Range is at the bottom of this post.

 We were then shown the amazing and eye-catching array of Christmas soaps:


 Reindeer Rock


 Baked Alaska


Fairy Ring




Yog Nog

Then, after a quick hand and arm massage using the massage bars below, we had time for a spot of shopping.



The one thing I couldn’t leave the store without buying?


This reindeer rock soap smells wonderful, it’s made from a dried lingonberry infusion that I just love the smell of so much. I think it has beaten rock star soap to be my new favourite.

Thanks to the team at Lush Braehead providing us lucky bloggers with goody-bags the reindeer rock soap wasn’t the only product that I took home with me:


Thanks Lush!

So which lush product will be at the top of my Christmas wishlist? Well I saved the best until last:

20141003_193348 20141003_193404

The Lush 12 Days of Christmas Book is definitely at the top of my list!

This post has just been a snapshot of the lush Christmas range, they are bursting to the seems with new products and I couldn’t fit them all in but luckily the lush website can. Go discover all the amazing Lush Christmas products at https://www.lush.co.uk/products/christmas or pop into your local Lush store.

Want to keep up to date with all the latest Lush Braehead happenings? It’s easy, just visit them at: 



Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂