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Pretty sure I can’t be the only blogger to face these problems.

1. You get frustrated using bloglovin’ because, while it is great for reading blogs from lots of different platforms, trying to leave a comment on it is a nightmare, which ID to use? Which one works? Why can’t I just have a bloglovin’ ID? My wordpress ID doesn’t work. ARRGHG!

2. You can remember other bloggers usernames or blog addresses but when a blogger friends you on Facebook or follows you on twitter using their actual name you have no idea who they are.


3. You decide to review a product but oh wait someone you follow reviewed that yesterday.

4. Oh wow you just found out X,Y,Z, what a great thing to blog about! Tough, the rest of the world found out yesterday…and they blogged about it.

5. You would love a personal photographer for your OOTD posts but would never actually hire one. Boyfriend /Flatmate/self timer will just have to do.

6. There are too. many. social networks. How are you supposed to post on your blog, Instagram, tweet, post on facebook, upload to tumblr, post to google cirlcles etc. all in one day, nevermind interact with other bloggers across all of those platforms.

social networks

7. No one told you that blogging is a full time hobby.  Somewhere between work, your social life and mundane stuff like getting your washing done and buying groceries you have to find the time for the most time consuming hobby ever.

8. Your laptop is ALWAYS on.

9. You freak out about what to wear to blogger events because you are a blogger and you are supposed to look cool, fashionable, unique and edgy but you are also a scaredy-cat who is afraid of drawing too much attention to themselves.

dress choice

10. You face the whole should I wear makeup/ style my hair dilemma before attending an event where you will get your hair and/or make up done.

11. You want to post your make up and fashion looks/outfits but are scared about putting pictures of yourself on the internet.

12 When you are away from your laptop you have a million ideas for blog posts and inspiration is everywhere. The minute you switch on your computer – tumbleweed.

Let me know if you experience these problems too or if you experience any other problems as a blogger.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂