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Today I received the July issue of ASOS magazine and one of the items featured in it were these really cool temporary tattoos that look like jewellery. They are called Flash Tattoos.

Child of Wild Sofia Goldfish Kiss

They look amazing and I predict that they will be one of the biggest trends this summer. I asked ASOS when they will be in stock and they played it cool by telling me :

asos tweet


So I am guessing that they will be in stock soon. If you just can’t wait then you can buy them now from flashtat.com  

The tattoos come in collections which contain 3 or 4 sheets of designs. The tattoos pictured above are from the Child of Wild, Sofia, and Goldfish Kiss collections and cost $30, $22 and $20 respectively. They last between 4 and 6 days and  you just need water to apply them. If you have them on while in the sun then you will get tan lines – absolutely gorgeous ones.

Just imagine the tan line from these tattoos from the Dakota collection :



This was not a sponsored post, I just found out about Flash Tattoos and thought that you might like to find out about them too.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂