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Just watched the speech that Ellen Page gave at the Time to Thrive conference. This speech is now making it’s way around the internet because while giving the speech Ellen comes out as Gay. While this is very admirable and brave I am sharing the video not because of this declaration but  because I feel that the speech she gave was incredibly heartfelt and inspirational. No matter what sexuality you are there are truths in her message about how to strive to be a better human being and about the difficulties life throws at you when you are ‘not the norm’. She even talks about the pressures that Hollywood puts on us all and how that pressure is something that has affected her and something that she has struggled with. Her message was much more than ‘I’m gay’ and there is much more information and inspiration to be gathered from listening to it.

Also I would just like to congratulate Ellen on her public speaking abilities. She is a very skilled and passionate public speaker.

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