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Last night I attended the Rainbow Room International Blogger Event (Thanks for the invite Laura!) and I received a one-on-one styling session with a lovely stylist named Jillian Free.

When I arrived at Rainbow Room International I was 10 minutes late (because I have a terrible sense of direction) and the event was already well under way. I walked in and there were people everywhere. Over the top of other blogger’s heads I could see a nail bar and  a Dermalogica facial bar. I hovered in the queue for these for a while before noticing some people going upstairs. I followed them.

And was greeted with this:


This was only half of the room, there were bloggers getting their hair done on the other side of those mirrors as well.

A lovely member of staff spotted me hovering and led me over to Jill to get my hair styled.


Jill sat me down and asked me if there was anything that I would like to learn how to do and if I had any problems with my hair. I told her that I wear it straight a lot (like in the pic above) and that as my hair is so long and heavy that it sometimes looks quite flat. I also said that I would like to learn how to French braid my own hair ( I can’t do the back of my head)

So Jill set to work solving my hair problems for me.

First of all she was surprised by how thick and heavy my hair is:


But this didn’t faze her at all and she got to work.

To combat how flat my hair was, Jill showed me how to correctly back-comb my hair by holding it very loosely at the bottom and teasing only about an inch at the top. Jill demonstrated this for me and then let me try it for myself. Thanks to Jill I will never have flat hair again.

Then Jill showed me the best way to French-braid my own hair:


You pick a starting point, keep your hands as close to your head as possible and keep braiding as far back as you can. Gradually you will be able to braid further and further back until you can do all of your hair.


Jill curled my hair with GHD’s which took a while because I have so much hair. I could feel the room getting emptier around me and I felt really bad for keeping Jill for so long but she didn’t seem to mind a bit.

I had planned on getting a facial after my hair was done but my hair took quite a while (entirely my fault) and when I went downstairs to the facial bar there was still a queue and I didn’t want to make the staff’s night any longer by joining it so my boyfriend and I decided to go for dinner. I’ll definitely have a facial on my next visit to Rainbow Room International since they certainly impressed me enough to make me want to go back.  

I had a really nice evening, had my hair styled for free, and learned a lot so I’m really glad that I went along. The only down-point was that I hurried off without realising that there were goody bags! To be honest though, I think this just shows how good the event was since looking for a goody bag didn’t enter my mind (at blogger events, a goody bag is usually the first thing I look out for.)

When I was in the salon I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of my finished look (I have a bad habit of blinking in pictures.) When I got home and realised this, I had another photo taken so now you get to see the finished look that survived going for dinner and travelling from Glasgow to Falkirk :


It was a little less curly and my journey had made it a bit frizzy but I’m actually as happy with the lived-in look as I was with the just-finished look so I know this is a great all day style for me. I also think it would be quite a pretty Valentine’s Day style.

Thank you to David at Rainbow Rooms International for hosting the blogger event. Thanks to Laura for inviting me to it and Thanks a lot to Jillian for making my hair pretty and teaching me lots 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂