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So you know the story, you want some apps for your phone or tablet but can’t think of one that you want. Well I have 15 suggestions for you.


1. WomanLog Calendar

You’re a woman, you bleed every month. It’s handy to know exactly when mother nature plans to bestow this little inconvenient gift on you. WomanLog tells you. It’s really simple, you just download the app (it’s free!) and then when you get your period you input your start period date on it’s calendar and when your period ends you enter the end date. WomanLog will tell you when you should expect you’re period next month. Now all women are different but the good thing is the more you use WomanLog the better it gets. It gets used to the rythms of your body and is will soon be 100% accurate (it is for me)  in telling you when your period will start, how many days it will last and when it will end. It also has an ovulation and fertility forecast.

2. bSafe

This is an app to give you and the people who love you a little extra peace of mind. bSafe lets you :

• Set up your own social personal safety network of friends, family and coworkers
• Share locations to find each other more easily (optional)
• Ask friends to walk you home with Follow Me’s live GPS trace, or help friends stay safer by walking them home from wherever you are
• Use Timer Mode to program an automatic alarm that will trigger if you have not checked in in time
• Use I’m Here to tell selected people where you are right now
• Use Fake Call to make the phone ring when you want it to. You can even define who the call should be from
• And in case you are ever in trouble, the Guardian Alert button will immediately notify your friends and family members that you need help, and let them know where you are (GPS) and what’s happening (video). It will even set off a siren (optional)

3. Wikipedia

So you can nod along as if you know and then surreptitiously check you’re phone, the font of all knowledge.

4. Free English Dictionary

So you can check what ‘surreptitiously’ means and/or how it is spelled.

5. Bank balance app

If the bank you are with has an app, get it. There is nothing handier than quickly being able to check your bank balance. This is especially useful when you are in a shop and that dress that you probably shouldn’t buy is throwing itself at you.

6. Newspaper app

Pick a newspaper  that you trust and get it’s app. Then next time you are bored and about to check facebook on your phone, force yourself to read at least one news story first and keep up to date with what’s going on in the world before finding out what’s going on with Stacey from highschool who was in one class with you. She’s not going to let her heart rule her head anymore, aren’t you glad you know that?

7. First Aid by British Red Cross

Like I need to give a reason why this is a useful app to have.

8. Shazam

If you like music you probably already have this. Shazam is my favourite app, if you hear a song or tune that you like and want to know what it is you just open Shazam, tap your screen and it will listen to and identify the song. I use this all the time when I’m watching TV. Adverts and TV shows are always playing cool music that I want to add to my playlist. My most recent Shazam find is from a Thompson Holidays advert. Now I have the tune below on my youtube playlist and I have discovered The Piano Guys.


9. Maps

With Google Maps on your phone you will never be lost again and you will actually be able to find your way to that job interview. What is it with job interviews and getting lost anyway? Or is that just me?

10. TopCashback

If you shop then you should have this app. Here’s why :

 TopCashback Features:

  • – Search their list of retailers and view the cashback offers, discount codes and great deals you can get.
  • – Get online discounts with our codes
  • – Get access to in-store vouchers that can be used in highstreet stores and restaurants
  • – View the in-store vouchers on a map of your area (UK only)
  • – Take advantage of our Snap & Save offers and earn cashback on your in-store purchases such as groceries – a cashback site first!
  • – View all the latest online exclusive cashback offers
  • – View your full account earnings and recent transactions
  • – Access your Favourite Merchants list
  • – Update your main account details
  • -Send your Tell-a-Friend links so you can earn cashback when your friends join TopCashbac

11. Transport Apps

There are loads of free transport apps so if you quickly need to find out when the last train home is or you need a taxi number  there is an app for that, so download it. I have the National Rail Enquiries app because I get a lot of trains. Think about the transport you use and then go find a relevant app and never be stranded again.

12. ConvertPad Unit Converter

Want to know what £50.00 is in American dollars? Or what shoe size you have in Europe? Or how many inches are in a foot? This is the app for you. It is unbelievably useful.

13. Kindle

Books on your phone that you can read instead of making awkward eye contact on the subway plus lots of the books are free? Why don’t you have this yet?

14. Dropbox

Put simply, Dropbox lets you access everything everywhere. Never again will you say ‘you have to see this pic, oh wait it’s on my computer, I don’t have it on my phone.’

Dropbox is a free service that lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. After you install Dropbox on your computer, any file you save to your Dropbox will automatically save to all your computers, your Android device, and even the Dropbox website! With the Dropbox app, you can take everything that matters to you on the go.
15. Wishlist
You know when your birthday is coming up and people are asking what presents you want and you can’t think of anything? Well with wishlist you can archive all the cool things that you see throughout the year so that when your birthday does roll around you can just share your wishlist.
Wishlist lets you:
  • 1. Create a personal wishlist and capture the information of your wish including image, location, price and notes.
  • 2. View your wish in grid, in list or in details
  • 3. Sort your wish by name or by date
  • 4. Search your wish
  • 5. Show the location of your wish on Google Map
  • 6. Share your wish through various social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

I hope you have found this list useful. Do you have a favourite app? Leave a comment and tell us about it 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂