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Amazon has been carrying-out secret testing for drones that will deliver packages. CEO Jeff Bezos hopes that the drones, known as ‘Octopters‘ will be operational in 4 or 5 years.

The service is called Prime Air and it is hoped that the Octopters will reduce delivery time to 30 minutes. The machines will be able to carry items which weigh up to 5 pounds which covers more than 3/4 of Amazon stock.

Apparently the biggest obstacle to making this futuristic concept a reality is approval from the US Federal Aviation Authority. It’s my guess that the service would be launched in the US before anywhere else.

So would you sign up for  Prime Air? What do you think about this? Leave a comment.

Is this a hoax? I couldn’t find any evidence that this is just a publicity stunt or a joke. The news has been reported by credible news sources such as the BBC so I am leaning towards believing that this is just one of those cool leaps into the future that once it is rolled out we won’t believe we ever lived without it, like mobile telephones. Fingers crossed.

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