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1. It is extremely rare for there to be a full moon on Halloween, the next Halloween with a full moon will be in 2020. The last one to take place was in 2001 and before that it was in 1974.

2. It is Illegal to use Silly String in Hollywood on Halloween. From 12am on October 31st until 12noon on November 1st, the use of Silly String carries a fine of $1000.00. This law came into effect in 2004.

3. Bobbing for apples (dookin for apples in Scotland) was traditionally a way of determining who would next be allowed to marry. The apple tree was brought to Britain by the Romans and apples represented Pomona the Goddess of fruit trees who was also linked with fertility. For the Celt’s the pentagram was already a symbol of fertility so when they cut apples in half and found the seeds formed a pentagram like shape they agreed that apples symbloised feritility and thus, the first person to successfully ‘dook’ for an apple would be the next to marry.

4.Legend has it that if you see a spider on Halloween it is actually the spirit of a loved one watching over you. I hope my deceased loved ones know better than to watch over me in the guise of a spider, that is just a one way ticket to the bottom of my shoe and the after after-life.

5. Harry Houdini died on Halloween.

6. Many animals shelters won’t allow black cats to be adopted in October time in case they are used in rituals or tortured around Halloween.

7. Samhainophobia is the irrational fear of Halloween.

8. There are many legends surrounding Halloween and mirrors, one of them is that if a young woman looks into a mirror on Halloween she will see her true love appear behind her. I guess I will be getting ready without a mirror tomorrow, freaky mirror ghosts and applying mascara don’t go together in my book.

9. If you are born on Halloween your star sign is Scorpio.

10. I have bought so many sweets for Halloween that I think they will probably last until New Year.

Halloween Sweets

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