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I just logged on to Facebook and found the following message from BzzCampaign :

IMPORTANT UPDATE – Batiste BzzCampaign.

We just sent this email out, but wanted to share here as well.

“Batiste has been doing some further tests on the Strength & Shine Dry Shampoo, and whilst it is not dangerous, they have asked that as a precaution you do not continue to use it and dispose of it immediately.

Batiste is really disappointed with this, and urge you to use your vouchers to try some of the other products. The Blonde, Brunette and Dark have had some rave reviews so maybe you could give one of these a go?

Head on over to the Campaign Homepage [link] to continue bzzing about the Batiste Smoothing Conditioning Mist and XXL Volumising Plumping Powder.”

There is no information about this on the batiste website as far as I can see but there is also no mention of the product in question. also I can’t find any news for this at all on the Batiste twitter feed. I will tweet them to ask for more information and let you know what I am told. A quick look at the Boots website though showed me that it is in stock and available for purchase as you can see in the following screenshot or by visiting this link :  http://www.boots.com/en/Batiste-Strength-Shine-Dry-Shampoo-200ml_1330271/


I am quite worried about all of this as I use batiste products and  I know of lot of you other beauty bloggers do to. In fact I used  Batiste XXL volume this morning!

I really want to know what you guys think about this? Do any of you know anything about it? I can’t find information anywhere. Let me know your thoughts and please share any information you have.


I have been having a look at the reply’s to the BzzAgent Facebook announcement and it seems like there are problems with the cans not spraying properly and leaking a cold liquid, I have commented to BzzAgent on the same thread asking them to clarify the problem and I am waiting on a reply. At the moment I am beginning to think that the problem may only be with products sent out to BzzAgent representatives but I do not know that for sure.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 Likes and comments always welcome x

UPDATE 29/07/13

Both BzzAgent and Batiste have failed to respond to my enquiries. Very disappointed with both companies, I will no longer be using Batiste as I will not buy products from a company who can not be bothered to take the time to respond to a question.

UPDATE 30/07/13

Today I received the following message over twitter from Batiste :

Hi Breige sorry that it has taken a few days to get back you. We take our consumer feedback really seriously and always want to delight our loyal users; that’s why we asked the Bzz Agents not to use Strength and Shine as we were worried that it could disappoint some people – nothing more sinister than that. If you have a problem with a can of Strength & Shine you’ve purchased then please let us know and we will pass on your details to our Customer Care team who will  contact you directly. We’d also appreciate it if you could update your blog accordingly. Many thanks. X

I am glad that Batiste have now replied to my query but I still don’t understand what was actually wrong with their strength and shine dry shampoo. I will ask why ‘it could disappoint some people’ and post another update when I know more.