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… J.K Rowling should write another hogwarts series about James, Sirius, Peter, Lupin,Lilly and Snape? I love the Harry Potter books but I seriously think this series would be even better than Harry Potter, I mean the Marauders created the Marauders Map and became animagi in Hogwarts, and James did this in addition to being a seeker and acquiring an invisibility cloak. Also, who doesn’t want to read about Snape’s unrequited love for Lilly? I feel like these books not being written is like bread not being invented, the Mona Lisa not smiling or the internet not existing. These books just need to BE. Yes I am a total geek but there is no way I can be the only one who would walk over hot coals to read those books. We should start some kind of campaign to beg J.K Rowling to write them.

the marauders

… designers who design products that don’t work or make life more difficult should be allowed to use only those products for the rest of their lives? Hello, I designed this sink so small with a tap so big that now I have years of spraining my wrists every time I wash my hands. Bad designs would be a thing of the past.


…  all changing room limits should just be a standard 10 items? I was shopping yesterday and trying a lot of things on and in some shops I was only allowed 4 things in the changing room at a time and in others it was unlimited. Maybe this doesn’t annoy you as much as it does me but when I go shopping I like to do it all in one go, hitting all the shops and trying a lot of things on. This means that when I leave half of my items with the changing room attendant I can’t even remember what items they were when I come out. Plus it’s such a hassle to put your own clothes on again just to walk to the front of the changing room and swap over your items. The changing room Bingo should just be abolished, every shop should agree to let you have 10 items in and then you would always know how many items you can bring in with you.

… adverts for things not available in your country should not be played in your country? This happens quite often in Scotland, an advert for some offer will come on TV and just when you are thinking that’s a good offer, I should take advantage of that the small white words of woe appear at the bottom of your screen stating ‘available in England only’. That is just sadistic if you ask me.

…make up adverts should show a woman with no make up on having the make up being advertised applied, and finish with the end result? Then we would know which brands have products that work and which companies have photo-shop and airbrush artists that work.

… when you buy something with your debit card your bank balance should be updated instantly? Why is this not the norm? Well it’s not the norm in Scotland, my australian boyfriend tells me that it is the norm in Australia which makes the situation doubly frustrating for him with his accounts. Seriously banks, sort it out. Luckily, I know how much I spent shopping yesterday because my online bank account sure doesn’t. If it were to be believed, on my shopping trip yesterday I was using my magic bank card that makes everything free. You have two options banks, sort it out or send me a real magic bank card that makes everything free.


Anyway, those are some of my thoughts about things that I think would improve life. What do you think? Do you agree/disagree? What things, no matter how trivial or epically life-changing, would improve life for you? Please comment and let me know 🙂

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂