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Sometimes when you work you think of prices in terms of hours, for example ‘those shoes will cost me 5 hours pay’. I recommend this style of thinking if you need to look after your pennies because when you think of the hard work you have done to earn your money when you are considering a purchase it really curbs your spending.

Well in most cases it does, but if you happen to shop at Shelikes.com thinking in terms of ‘price vs. hours’ probably won’t put you off your purchase.

That’s because they have just introduced The Minimum Wage Dress.’

This dress costs just £3.68 ($5.68) (€4.30) (Prices converted on 20th June 2013) In the U.K £3.68 is the minimum wage for under 18s so for minimum earning 16 and 17 year olds this dress costs one hour’s pay. The dress is supplied to shelikes.com by Figa Store.

It comes in 4 colours as shown below:

The dress is described by www.shelikes.com as :

The Minimum Wage Dress – Only £3.68! A dress worth keeping! This spectacular cut out dress is the perfect choice for all your summer occasions. Featuring a cut out design & knot detail. Versatile & easy to wear, team with colour popping heels for the evening, or wear with hi top trainers & a customary denim jacket for the day.

Approx Length – 28.5″ (72.5cm)

95% Polyester 5% Elastane

Machine Washable

So what are you’re thoughts on all this? Do you think it is a wonderful idea? Do you wonder about the profit made on this dress? Would you like to know how the company can sell it so cheap? Do you think more companies should be selling items like this? What do you think about the dress itself? Do you like the style? The colours? Should they broaden the range of Minimum Wage Dresses available?

Also what are your thoughts on different age groups having different minimum wages? Personally I think it is very unfair, if you do a job I think you should be paid as much as the other people who do the same job, age should not be a factor. Do you agree/disagree? I would love to get your comments about this.

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