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I’ve been contemplating buying an E-reader but I really can’t make mind up. Maybe some of you can’t either so I am going to list all my pros and cons and they might help you come to a decision.

Image from amazon.com where this kindle is on sale for £69.

Image from amazon.com where this kindle is on sale for £69.


  1. They store a lot of books
  2. Portable – less bulky than the majority of books
  3. Discreet – you could read some trashy romance on the bus an no one would know.
  4. Instant – you can get a new book to read instantly, just jump on the internet and then bam! what you want is right there on your kindle.
  5. They save paper.


  1. No pretty book covers for your book shelves
  2. Not waterproof -This is my biggest problem, I love a hot bath and a good book.
  3. Can’t swap with your friends the way you can with books.
  4. Can’t buy used e-books like you can with normal books – there are no charity e-book shops as far as I’m aware but feel free to correct me in the comments section.
  5. Don’t get to use pretty bookmarks
  6. There will be no more lining up at midnight at book shops for new release books – I did that for harry potter once (call me a geek if you want I don’t care) and there was a really cool friendly atmosphere.
  7. No more points collecting on my Waterstones card.
  8. You have to buy one and then buy books, with books you only need to buy the actual books.
  9. A book is never going to run out of battery.

I think I will probably get one at some point, I’m probably just reluctant to leave books behind. Books as we know them could actually cease to exist as we move to e-books, like how videos died out when we moved to DVD’s. That’s sad 😦

What do you guys think? Any pros or cons to add to my list? Let me know in the comments section. Also, if you have an e-reader what do you think of it? Would you recommend getting one?

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂