On Saturday I was at a friends house warming party. I had been sent some Pizza Hut vouchers, a bingo game and Casino Royale on DVD by Costa Bingo and I decided to put it all to good use.

Which led to the invention of Drunk Bingo.

To play Drunk Bingo you drink everytime one of your numbers comes up in Bingo and if you win you have to finish the rest of your drink in one go. Our winner also got the Casino Royale DVD and the last slice of pizza.

I don’t drink alcohol so I called the bingo numbers and watched my friends get tipsier and more competitive with each number I called. Here are some pics from the night. I think you will be able to tell who won.






Turns out that a game of Drunk Bingo is a good way to get a party started 🙂

Have you ever played or invented any random drinking games? Tell us about them in the comments section.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂