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The UK is set to have experienced the wettest year on record this year, with flooding affecting many people’s holidays and leaving many of us feeling dispirited about the weather. Hopefully 2013 will bring better, warmer weather, and so let’s celebrate the arrival of the New Year by investing in some key trends which channel the rich tones of warmer seasons. Shop for red dresses and shoes to really stand out, go for gold accessories and choose knits and trousers in warm yellow and brown tones. Warm spring colours are flattering for all complexions, but can really help lift paler skin tones.

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In contrast to out-there summer neons and washed-out pastels, this palette is more sophisticated, and adds subtle colour to an everyday outfit or evening look. If you’ve already invested in a new winter coat in dark grey or black, fear not! Look to accessories to make heavy colours more appropriate. Warm shades worn close to the face can help add a rosy glow to sun-deprived winter skin, so rather than opting for a dark-toned scarf, go for a burnt or rust-coloured orange one. You can easily up the style factor by co-coordinating your make up: sweep bronze metallic shadow on eyelids and dab on a nude lipstick with a subtle brown sheen. Anyone can continue to channel these colours well into winter and spring by adding key pieces to their wardrobe. Opt for a Little Red Dress in a deep maple-leaf tone, and avoid the harsh contrast between red and black by accessorising with a wrap and heels in a dark brown. A three-quarter sleeved wrap dress is perfect for an elegant evening look, and will flatter all body shapes. To complete this style, try a touch of gold. Gold can be a hard colour to wear, so focus on smaller items which add metallic accents to an outfit. A sequined bolero jacket or glitter-detail clutch adds classic glamour to eveningwear, and can be complemented by coordinating heels or ballet pumps.

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