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So I was watching Criminal Minds today and in the episode some psycho kidnapped a woman who ran a daycare centre and the kids she was looking after and held them in a shipping container. He filled it with some gas so that they were forced to use oxygen masks that were far away from each other so he could trap them in seperate compartments of the container.

So to get to my point, does anyone else ever worry that clever criminals in TV shows will give real criminals ideas? Or is it just me? Not that I want crime shows to be dulled down or anything, this is just something that worries me.


I also worry that when I kill a spider that somehow all it’s fellow spiders will know and will appear from nowhere to seek revenge. Completely irrational I know.

This is just a short post because I was wondering if anyone else worries about this kind of stuff too. What little things worry you guys?

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂