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tatoo skincare

Today I discovered a skincare brand which is specifically for Tattooed skin so I thought I should tell you all about it in case any of you happen to have tattoos that you need to look after.

The Brand is called Forever Ink and they have two products for tattooed skin :

Forever Ink Balm and Forever Ink Shield.

Here is what Forever Ink say about the two products (I have lifted the following information directly from their website)

Forever Ink Balm has been specially designed to support the natural recovery process of your newly inked tattoo, from the moment you leave the studio until your skin has fully recovered.

Forever Ink Balm
■ Developed specifically for the care of tattooed skin
■ Soothes and moisturises to support natural skin recovery
■ Clinically proven to be kind & mild to skin.

Forever Ink Shield has been specially designed for every day care and protection, to preserve the beauty of your tattoo and ensure lifetime vibrancy.

Forever Ink Shield


  • Developed specifically for the everyday care of tattooed skin
  • Moisturiser + SPF  45
  • Unique Ink Lock Technology – seals in colour to ensure lifetime vibrancy.

Both of these products are on sale now at www.boots.com, the balm is £6.99 and the shield is £12.99.

If you would like more information then you could check out the Forever Ink website at : http://www.tattooguardian.com/

Note : This was an independant post. I was not in collaboration with and I do not have any ties to either Forever Ink or Boots. I simply discovered these products and thought that some of you might be interested in finding out about them.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂