The lovely Tianna over at Storybook Apothecary created a really cool Romantic Beauty Blogger Tag which I have decided to do as well. To view Tianna’s original post just click here.

1.What is your favorite romance film and why? There are so many that I love but I think my favourite would have to be  A Walk To Remember as I love how the relationship develops from bullying to tutoring to love. I also love how Jamie is strong, independant and has high self-esteem even though she is a social outcast. When she is asked to tutor the popular Landon who sees her as nothing more than a geeky bully victim she in total seriousness warns him not to fall in love with her. Go watch it, it will make you laugh, cry and sigh.

2. Which character from a film or book is your ideal romantic character and why? Julian from the Forbidden Game Book Series. His unrequited love for Jenny is so strong and intense. He is a prince of evil and in love with someone good which leads to some Hades and Persephone like behaviour. When someone with evil magical powers experiences unrequited love it makes for interesting reading.

3.Your ideal love life in a song – go! Umm I don’t know, will have to think about this    one.

4. Song that makes you cry your eyes out for seemingly no reason at allOh this one is easy, I have a song that used to make me quite weepy. My boyfriend is from Australia and out of the 6 years that we have been together we had to spend 2 years apart (not consecutively) and we had a long distance relationship during those times.  Save tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry  talks about a couple savouring their last night together and hoping that the morning never comes because the man has to leave. It always makes me remember how sad and special our last nights together were knowing that we wouldn’t see each other for a year. You can listen to it below if you like, it’s a good song.

5. Film guaranteed to make you cry every time… I’m a wuss, lots of films make me cry. The last one to do so was Remember Me. It’s a really good film. Watch it.

6. What is your favorite color for romantic makeup looks? Umm light pinks that make people look like they are naturally blushing.

7. Favorite hair style for a soft, romantic look? Something up and wispy.

8.Which female heroine do you most identify with, either from a book or movie? Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet, Jamie Sullivan (A Walk to Remember).

9.Your ideal romance life exists in which time period? It would have to be a cross between present day and the victorian period. It would be a modern day world  but  there would be old style romance, Balls and people would still know how to dance like they did then.

10. What are you wearing in this hypothetical romance? A ball gown of course.

I tag everyone who wants to participate in this tag. Please link back if you do it. Thanks for reading my blog 🙂