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The other day I discovered the most amazing cosmetic products ever.

The products  are literally lace for your face. They look AMAZING.

See for yourself :

Fleurty £13.29 This design is called Fleurty and it costs £13.29 which is great for a product that you get to use again and again. Yep, that’s right, they are re-usable (as long as you take care of them properly)

Crystallised Fleurty £25.95

If you want something a bit more striking then you can choose one of the crystalised face lace designs. Here is the crystalised version of Fleurty, it is £25.95

Sweetart £16.63

Face-Lace have so many different designs all guaranteed to make you the belle of the ball. The one above is Sweetart which is £16.63

Floridots £11.63

Want to design your own Face-Lace? No Problem. Face-Lace make ‘playsheets’ which allow you to make your own design by choosing which parts of the sheet to use and where to place them. The design above was created using the Floridots playsheet which is £11.63. Not custom enough for you? Don’t worry, you can contact Face-Lace through their website (which is at the bottom of this post) and have them create a custom design just how you want it.

Extra Info

Are Face-Lace products reusable? – Yes, as long as they are worn over clean skin (which is make up free) and you put the Face-Lace back on it’s backing after using.

How do I  use Face-Lace? – Simply peel it off it’s backing and put it on your face. It’s sticky so you can put it on just like a sticker and don’t worry, the sticky stuff is a hypoallergenic medical adhesive which has been approved for cosmetic use.

Are all Face-Lace products black? – All Eye laces come in black finish.  Masks and  Demi-veils have 3 different finishes:  black, white and satin gold

WHERE CAN I BUY FACE-LACE?www.face-lace.com

Face-Lace have lots of cool designs so head over to their website and check them out. I’m sure you will find something you like. I definately want to find some Face-Lace in my Christmas stocking.

*This is not a sponsored post and I was not approached by Face-Lace. After discovering their products I wanted to tell you about them and so I got permission from Face-Lace to use some images from their website.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂