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I have a young niece and a  young goddaughter and with Christmas coming up I have been been doing a bit of browsing for presents for them.

While browsing the little girls toy sections in various shops I started to realise that there is something seriously wrong with the toys which are marketed to little girls. I can’t believe I never noticed this before.

Check out these toys that are all on sale right now :

Think about these toys. What kind of message are they sending? Are they harmless? I don’t think so, not entirely. I get that they stem from children thinking it is fun to copy their parents and these toys target little girls copying their mothers. But times have changed and women are no longer chained to home with cooking cleaning and raising kids. Maybe toys should change too.

I could write on this subject for ages and bore you all but I think it is better just to let you guys think about it on your own. Tell me your thoughts, tell me if you think I’m being uptight and making mountains out of molehils or if you think I am recognising a serious problem. Whatever your thoughts, please share them and comment.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

P.S. Before anyone asks, I never played with dolls or prams and such as a kid, maybe I even as a child I had feminist leanings 😉 In reality, I was just more interested in bikes and roller blades than in changing nappies. My sister loved dolls though and she always got dolls and play kitchens etc. at Christmas. So I wonder what made one of us enjoy bikes and rollerblades and the other babies and prams when we both come from the house with the same mother, maybe the toys are harmless fun and some girls are just wired more to dolls than bikes, who knows?