Hey 🙂

You may have noticed my recent lack of posts. Uni has been turning my world upside down, I have been trying to change my courses around and between that and essays I have just been having a terrible time at uni over the last few weeks so that is why there haven’t been many posts.

Also, I haven’t really been on twitter but some of my lovely blogging buds have been continuously including me in #FF shout outs and stuff and I just wanted to say thanks  to everyone who has been including me in those even though I haven’t been doing it much myself… I will be showing you love all over twitter tomorrow 🙂

While I have been too busy to post as much as usual I have recieved a few free products to review and bought some make up that I want to rave to you about and there are a few products for me to review due to arrive in the post so there are going to be a lot of review posts coming soon.   I just want to let you know  that I’m not moving into exclusively doing review posts or anything like that and you can still expect  my normal and random posts. In fact, expect a moany post about little girls toys soon 😉

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi to you all and let you know that there will be lots of posts over the next few days.   Thanks to those of you who keep coming back even though there hasn’t been much to come back for lately.