Hey everyone,

Happy Halloween 🙂

Just got a short and sweet post for you at the moment. This is for those of you who were wondering what I was going to dress up as  for halloween ( well halloween weekend when I went to a night club with a few friends.)

Anyway I ended up going as The Angel of Death. I just made up the costume. Black wings, black flowy dress, silver wig, pale make up and gorgeous black tights that had vines crawling up over them and some black heels. I stayed with a friend and didn’t take many pictures so the ones here don’t do the costume much justice but I hope that you get the idea.

Also I cropped the pics because I’m not sure my friends would appreciate me plastering them all over the internet. 

The specs weren’t part of my costume, a jaegermeister promo-girl gave them to me.









































Anyway, that was my costume for those of you who were wondering. I would love to see pics of what you guys dressed up as from those of you who dressed up so send me a link or something 🙂

Have a great night and don’t eat too many sweets 😉

B x