Hey everyone 🙂

I have been nominated for the Inspiring Blog Award by Lisa of http://mademoisellesnow.wordpress.com/ (Her blog is great and she is even hosting a perfume giveaway at the moment so you should definately check out her blog)

As part of the award I must answer the following questions as asked by Lisa :

1. What clothing item makes you feel at your best?

A pretty dress paired with some heels.

2. When are you most energetic? Morning/noon/evening?

Probably during the morning and evening – not during the afternoon which sucks because that is when you always have work to do.

3. Time to kick back and relax! What’s your pick-me-up food/drink?

Junk food. Especially Chinese take-aways. I don’t have a pick me up drink.

4. Your favorite kind of chocolate?

Milk chocolate.

5. What’s your favorite pastime?

Oh so many – if I’m on my own then reading a good book- if I’m with people then I like to play a game or do something competitive – maybe play the wii or something- competition always gets people laughing and I like lots of laughter.

6. What sound do you love?

I used to love the sound of my cat purring when he was sleeping on my bed but he’s dead.

7. If you could pack your bags and leave right now, what country or city would you go to?

America – I think the food there looks awesome, I want to try a corndog.

8. Do you have any bad habits?

Lots. Too many really – I should probably work on them. I procrastinate a lot and I have a very very bad habit of hitting the snooze button.

9. What’s one habit others do that you absolutely can’t stand?

I don’t like cowardice or lying.

There were no rules about passing this award on so I’ll just say that if I follow your blog then feel free to take this award as you will have inspired me at some point with one of your posts.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 More posts soon.