I have just been nominated for the ‘Loved Blog’ Award. Tianna from storybook apothecary nominated (go check out her blog, it’s great http://storybookapothecary.com/ ) Thanks Tianna 🙂

The rules of the award state that I must :

1.Thank the person who gave you the Award. Thank you Tianna x

2.Give this Award to as many or as few bloggers as you like as long as you love their blog. State the reason(s) why you love their blog. (remember to tell them that you have nominated them.)

I nominate :

http://mademoisellesnow.wordpress.com/  This is my idea of the perfect fashion blog – lots of catwalk galleries from known and unknown designers, plus lots of fashion orientated features ( the latest one is a video of behind the scenes at Victoria’s Secret)  This is one of the few blogs where I will take the time to dig around in the archives if I have some time to spare.

http://sweetjellybean.com/ – a blog about motherhood, beauty and DIY’s. Her DIY’s are mostly blog orientated, with things like how to create a blog header (it was thanks to her tutorial that I was able to create the header that I have now) and how to resize and line up social media buttons, there is tons of stuff on her blog that is useful to all bloggers so go check it out and improve your blog 🙂

http://creativityarise.com/ this blog is full of really simple and inspiring DIY’s, Brittany really inspires me, she has everthing from jewellery display DIY’s to how to make your own headboard for your bed, she is definately not a woman who needs a man to do the DIY in the home, she does it herself and shows you how you can too. She also has personal elements to her blog so you can either be inspired by her DIY’s or just check out what she has been up to lately, It’s all round a good blog.

(Just a note to all the people that I follow, even those who I have nominated, I am not getting all of your post updates in my wordpress reader, this is what I use to read blogs so if your post doesn’t appear there I probably won’t visit your blog for a while, when I checked on Brittany’s blog I was surprised, so many posts that I haven’t been notified of, if anyone knows how I can fix my reader please let me know)

3. Post a link to your favourite blog post from your own blog.

Just had a quick look, I have a few posts that have got debates started and that I think were important to write but my personal favourite when I read it back was just a  random posts that I had written while in a bad mood. It wasn’t  intended to be funny and I didn’t find it  funny at the time, I remember feeling really frustrated but I find it funny to read now so maybe you will too : https://beautyandthebestoftherest.com//?s=werewolf+problems&search=Go ,

4. Answer the following 3 questions :1. If you could be a celebrity for a day who would you be and why? 2. If you could have one wish granted what would it be? 3. What is one thing that you just don’t understand?

1. Hmm I had a think about it and I’ve decided on someone that I’m not even a fan of, not that I don’t like her, I’m just not fussed about her (or most celbs for that matter). I would be Dakota Fanning for the day because she has been in so many movies that I would want to see how many scripts she has lying around her house just waiting for her to say yes or no to, there are bound to be some good reads there.

2. My wish would be to be a  mega successful author.

3. I don’t understand why people like butterflies, they are massive hideous insects with pretty wings. Am I the only person who is not blinded by the wings?

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂