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Maybe I’m overly grumpy or anti-social or easily irritated but a lot of things annoy me. So without further ado here is my list of No-No’s.

1. Shopping spree competitions with a celebrity. – Shopping spree = all good. Meeting your favourite celebrity = all good. Putting the two together = DISASTER. Seriously, who wants a celeb hanging over their shoulder on a shopping spree? If I ever win a shopping spree then I want to be flinging everything that I get my hands on into my basket, there will be no time for polite and possibly star-struck chit-chat with someone I don’t know. What are you going to do when your favourite celebrity picks up something you hate and says ‘this would look so good on you, you should get it?’ Well I would say ‘no thank you’ without hesitation which is probably why it is a bad idea for me to go on a shopping spree with a celeb.

2. Nicknaming your blog readers /followers. Now I know a lot of you do this. A lot of my blogger friends do this, and that’s their choice and I still love their blogs.  But it makes me cringe so much. I don’t want to be called a beauty or fashionista or bookworm or cereal box when I read your blog about beauty, fashion, books, or cereal boxes. It makes me feel like your are trying to force you blog’s branding on to me and I always imagine it being said in the over-exuberant voice of a children’s TV presenter; ‘Now then explorers, let’s imagine that we are going on a magical spaceship ride to Mars..’ No.

3.‘You have a great blog, check out mine: http://randomannoyingpersonsblog ‘ , No.

4. Putting your feet on the back of my chair in the cinema, on the bus, on a plane. No. One day I will snap and your legs will break.

5. Shop assistants. No I do not need your help, if I did I would ask for it. If I am looking at a top what could I possibly need help with? I’m quite tempted to answer ‘yes’ next time this happens and have the assistant hold the top in lots of different places in the store so that I can see how it looks from 10 metres away, under a different light, against a white background, paired with a skirt…then I will say that I don’t like it and move on to the next top. Want to ask me if I need help while looking at this one? No.

6. Adverts for scary films. Are you kidding me? I’m sitting there happily watching TV when suddenly the monster/ghost/alien/demon from some new horror film is doing demonic and terrifying things on my tv screen. I will see that image when I am in bed at night. There should be a scary advert warning so that I can chose not to watch them. Surely I could sue these advert people for the nightmares that they cause.

7. Celebrities endorsing charities when they have enough money to solve whatever problem the charity is combatting.

8. Bad designers. Oh you designed a sink so small with a tap so big that I have to be a contortionist in order to wash my hands. Aren’t you clever? That sink should be the only one that you are allowed to use for the rest of your life.

So there you have it, my big grumpy list of no-no’s. Do you agree/disagree with any of them? What no-no’s would you add to the list? Tell us in the comments section.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂