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Whitney Port has an estimated net worth in the region of $3.5 Million but she wants her fans to pay for her $50,000 runway show. Why?  She wants you to be involved.  she wants to take advantage of her fans by getting them to foot the bill for something that she can easily afford on her own.









So just what do to kind hearted/gullable fans get for their money?

Well, here is the list of perks offered on her fundraising website (I am purposely not including a link because I don’t want to forward any traffic on to the site, but if you decide that you would like to view the thinly-veiled attempt at robbing her fans for yourself, a quick search on google will take you to where you want to be.)

The Perks

If you donate:

$1 – ‘For $1, you will have my undying love, as well as a special thanks on my Facebook page.’

$5 – ‘For $5, you will have my undying love, and a personal tweet from @whitneyeveport.’

$30- ‘Shop ‘til you drop on whitneyeve.com with a $50 gift card for half the price.  Along with the valuable gift card worth $50, receive a personal tweet from @whitneyeve’ – This one makes me laugh, spend $30 donating to the campaign and your ‘perk’ is that you get to spend another $25 dollars on a gift card and contribute not only to Whitney’s show but also to her profits! Bet you are on your way to contribute right now …

$50 – ‘Be one of the firsts to rock Whitney Eve’s Spring ’13 line in an item chosen by me, and lead the way in the latest trends for the season.’  Or ‘A stylish surprise, I will choose two pieces from Whitney Eve’s various collections in your size.’

$60 – ‘Personalized autographed photo of me from the show + personal thank you tweet from @whitneyeveport.’

$85 – ‘A stylish surprise, I will choose four pieces from Whitney Eve’s various collections in your size.’

$250 – Visit the NYC Headquarters (I am guessing this is whitneyeve headquarters but she doesn’t say) ‘This visit will provide a fly on the wall look at all the prep leading up to the big day be it fittings, model selections, rehearsals, etc. Must be available in NYC week of September 6-10, 2012.’

$300 – Sneak peek NYC Fitting ‘ You can be one of the first to see the looks before they hit the runway and experience how a fitting works. Must be available in NYC week of September 6-10, 2012.’

So what exactly will your donations be paying for?

Well here is what Whitney says:

I have set a goal to raise $50,000 to help fund my Spring 2013 Fashion Show. That $50,000 will go towards the following:

  • Fee for production company
  • Models
  • DJ
  • Fee for the space
  • Stylist

So basically, heaven forbid that Whitney use her own money to pay the people who make her show possible, she obviously likes to spend her money on other, more important things and thinks that her fans should be chomping at the bit to spend their hard earned cash funding her show. Whitney you are a MILLIONAIRE, your level of greed astonishes me.

It must astonish Whitneys fans too as the below comments taken from Whitney’s facebook page show:

‘What about young designers that actually need the money? Aren’t you a millionaire… It’s must be a joke that you would ask for and willingly take 50,000 dollars from your fans. you’ve also made a joke out of crowd funding!’

‘sell your car and jewelry and maybe a bunch of clothes and bum! there’s the founding for your show…’

This is truly making a mockery of crowdfunding which can be used to fund the dreams of people who don’t already have the financial freedom to realise their dreams.

Of course I want to hear/read all of your opinions on this, I know that they may vary from mine, after all people can spend their money anyway they like. Tell me in the comments section what you think about this. Looking forward to the discussion.

Thanks for checking out blog 🙂