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Got a gorgeous dress that you just can’t find shoes for? Maybe you want a very special pair of shoes for a special occasion, like a wedding? Or maybe you just want a pair of absolutely beautiful shoes that no one else has.

Well now you can design your very own pair of shoes – just how you want them – no matter whether you want a pair of black snakeskin high heels with floral trim or  a pair of open-toed glittery purple flats with a blue rose decoration. Want a bow on your shoes? No problem.

All that you need to do is visit Shoes of Prey at www.shoesofprey.com

Here are some examples:


Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model fans might recognise the shoe in the top left hand corner as it was featured in one of their photo-shoots. In fact, that is how I found out about Shoes of Prey in the first place.

Now, here are the things that you need to know :

Shoes of prey have set prices

-Sandals (+ shipping) = £115 ,                            Ballet Flats (+ shipping) =£130 , low heels (+ shipping) = £165,                            High heel (+shipping) = £195 , Ankle Boots (+ shipping) = £225

After being created and ordered shoes take around 4 weeks to be delivered.

I love the concept and the website is great, I could spend hours making shoes on it. However, I am not a big fan of the prices, as, as a skint student , I simply can’t afford a pair of Shoes of Prey shoes and even when I do have money to spend on shoes, I would find it very hard to part with anything over £50 for one pair. That being said, Shoes of Prey is such a unique service and you get to design your dream shoes so I guess that they can charge whatever they like. I have to say that for a pair of shoes that you absolutely love, which you have  designed just for you and that no one else has, the prices aren’t crazy and if you are buying them for a special occasion like your 21st birthday party or something then they are probably well worth it. In fact, I guess that as long as you love the shoes that you have designed then the price is probably worth it.

What do you think? Are you heading over to the Shoes of Prey website right now to start designing your dream shoes? What do you think of the prices? Will you buy a pair? Or will you put a gift certificate on your Christmas list?

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂