I saw a Top 10 list on www.shittalkinnick.wordpress.com of the top 10 people that Nick would like to meet and it has inspired me to do my own Top 10 series. (I will have a Top 10 page with links to all of my Top 10 posts.)

First in my Top 10 series is Top 10 Things I would like to do. (in no particular order)

1. Open a Wedding Dress shop which is full of gorgeous  dresses which are all £100. I don’t see why anyone should have to pay more than that for a dress that will only be worn once.

2. Star in a  funny Supernatural episode. If you are a fan of the show you will know what I mean, every once in a while they will do a really funny and not so scary episode and you just know that the cast would have had a ball making it.

3. Get a book deal for the romance that I am writing at the moment.

4. Play Jenny if The Forbidden Game book series is ever  made into  movies.

5. Be taken on a flight by my boyfriend. It would mean that he had achieved his dream of becoming a pilot.

6. Move to a place where I can have pets and get a cat and a dog.

7. Go to a masquerade ball.

8.  Be on Big Brother for no other reason than to participate in all of the tasks. I think I would find them a lot of fun.

9. Become Famous. Not to have my picture in magazines or have everyone know my name but because of all of the cool things that famous people get to do – like going on strictly come dancing or designing your own shoe range – all of that stuff.

10. Hire a personal hairdresser to do my hair in a cool way every morning because the most elaborate updo that I can manage by myself is a bun.

Would any of my Top 10 make your Top 10 list of things that you would like to do? What would be number 1 on your list?

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂