Steampunk is a style which is inspired by era’s when ‘steam power’ was widely used such as in Victorian Britain or during the ‘Wild West’ era of the United States. Elements from these periods can usually be found in steampunk outfits, for example, girls who dress in steam punk style often include victorian chokers in their ensemble.

The great thing about steampunk style however is that it has no strict boundaries and people who follow this style may also incorporate science fiction, fantasy, and futuristic elements into their outfits.

Staples of steampunk outfits include aviation goggles, keys, scissors, corsets,top hats, bowler hats, canes, chokers, clockwork cogs, clock faces, pocket watches, metalwork  multiple belts, buckles and holsters. The most popular colours which appear in steampunk outfits are beige, brown, gold, black and silver but any colours can be incorporated into a steampunk outfit.

The images below are all examples of steampunk fashion.

The following items are my top steampunk picks from

So, are you inspired? will you be adding a touch of steampunk to your wardrobe? Or is your wardrobe full of corsets and clorkwork cogs already? Which is favourite piece? Tell us in the comments section 🙂

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All images taken from Google Images or Etsy.