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Samantha corners me the minute she is finished serving her last customer. I’m just logging off my till when she confronts me.

‘Was that who I thought it was that you took downstairs?’ She asks; hand on my arm like we’re best buds.

‘Depends on who you thought it was.’ I say without looking up

‘Was it Adrian Axel?’  She says Adrian Axel very slowly and succinctly, like I have hearing problems.

‘Yeah it was him’ I reply, walking towards the staff room.

‘Oh my God! It’s not fair! I’ve been here a year and a half without anything interesting happening and you’re here three days and you’re showing a Hollywood God around.

I smile smugly to myself.

‘What was he like? What did he say? Why the hell was he dressed so badly when he left? Did he give you a tip?’

Oh, so that’s it. She thinks that she has missed out on the chance of easy money. I’m tempted to tell her that he gave me a huge tip but I think better of it.

‘Why would he give me a tip? I’m a shop assistant, people don’t tip shop assistants.’

She regains some of her icy Samantha composure at this. Samantha doesn’t like me. It would just boil her blood if I got to meet a megastar and he tipped me.

‘Oh that’s a shame, maybe the next time a celebrity comes in you’ll give them better service.’  She replies, smiling at me sweetly. Bitch.

‘Maybe next time a celebrity comes in, you’ll manage to get there first.’ I say, putting on my jacket and smiling just as sweetly. I put my bag over my shoulder and stroll out of the staffroom leaving her still trying to think up her next dig. I’m feeling smug just now but I know that she will be hell to work with tomorrow.

I don’t know why she doesn’t like me. Since I started at ‘The Barn’, the only things that she has said to me have been thinly veiled insults and digs. She seems to get along with everyone else just fine so I’m guessing she’s not completely horrible. For some reason I just rub her up the wrong way.  It might be because Sean and I get along well, he’s been showing me the ropes, but I’m not sure.

By the time that I decide that I simply don’t care why Samantha hates me I’m already at Union Street waiting on my bus.  I get out my mobile and start to text my sister.

‘You will never guess what happened…’


It’s  eight a.m and I’m standing at the bus stop waiting to go to work.  I sigh thinking that today is going to be very boring compared to yesterday. I had a look on Google last night and found out that Adrian Axel has indeed been filming in Edinburgh. Not any more though, apparently yesterday was the last day of filming. He’ll be off back to Hollywood in no time.  Too bad. I fish my busfare out of my purse when I see the bus approaching.

The first person that I see in work is Mel so I won’t be wearing her badge today. I met her briefly on my first day on Monday but she was off sick after that. Callum decided that that meant that I would be Mel while he waited on my I.D badge arriving. Having customers know your name promotes a friendlier atmosphere apparently. True as that may be, when they are calling me by someone else’s name I don’t seem very friendly, I just seem a bit slow. I keep thinking ‘who are they talking to?’

I dump my stuff into my locker and Mel offers to make me a cup of tea. We still have ten minutes before our shift starts.

‘So Wren, did anything interesting happen while I was gone?’ She asks, handing me a steaming hot cup.

‘Actually it did…’


It’s ten to two and the day has dragged slowly by without incident, I’ve just finished lunch and I’m getting ready to get back to work. I check the queue as I pass the tills on my way to the staffroom to dump my coat and bag. It’s not too busy so I won’t be expected to go on before two. I can have a quick cup of tea.  I walk into the staffroom to see Samantha frowning over a gorgeous bunch of flowers on the table.

‘What’s with the flowers?’ I ask.

‘Oh Mel’s boyfriend sent them, y’know, because she was sick.’ She says still frowning at them.

‘Don’t you like them?’

‘hmm? Oh I just think they’re a bit O.T.T, she was only off for 2 days’ she says bitterly. ‘Anyway, shouldn’t you be back on the tills?’

We both know that I have a good ten minutes left but I humour her. I would rather go back to work early than sit in the staffroom with her anyway.

A minute or so later, I log on to my till.  There is no one in the queue so I wander over to Mel’s till.

‘I saw you’re flowers, they’re gorgeous’

‘Thanks, I haven’t had a proper look at them yet, I’m not on lunch until two thirty, did you see a card? I don’t know who they’re from.  It was busy when the delivery guy came in so he just came up to the tills, said ‘these are for Mel’ and put them down at the back wall.’

‘Samantha said they were from your boyfriend, some kind of get well thing, she put them on the table in the staffroom.’

A customer came up to Mel’s till then so I went back to my own, exchanged a few words with Sean, and then we were kept busy until closing time.

I’m in the staff room getting ready to go home. Mel and Samantha are chatting about Mel’s flowers while Sean looks on bored. He’s waiting for Samantha. They get the subway together. Lauren has already left. I’m re-doing my hair into a pony-tail at the mirror in my locker while listening to the flower conversation.

‘There’s no card.’ Mel says, examining the flowers. She looks at Samantha expectantly, ‘You said they were from Ross?’

With a last tug to tighten my pony-tail I turn around to see Samantha shrug.

‘I just assumed that they would be from him, who else would send you flowers?’ She replies buttoning her coat.

‘You should call Ross and find out’ says Sean, heading to the toilet.

Not interested anymore I take my bag from locker and sling it over my shoulder and close the locker. My bag buzzes. I take my mobile out and see that I have a message from Sean. That’s very weird since the only Sean I know is in the staffroom toilet. I read the message. It just says ‘Wait here’.

I open my locker again and take my umbrella out even though it’s not raining, then I find some lip gloss and start slowly and meticulously applying it in front of the mirror on the inside of my locker door.

Sean emerges from the toilet and Mel hangs up on Ross.

‘He says they’re not from him.’ She says eyeing in the flowers quizzically.

‘Oh well, you must have a secret admirer then.’ Samantha says impatiently. ‘Come on Sean let’s go’

‘I’ll meet you at the subway Samantha, I need to have a quick word with Wren.’  Sean replies, taking a seat next to the flowers.

Samantha raises an eyebrow at him but stalks out. Mel gives us both a quick smile, picks up her mysterious flowers and heads off home.

‘What’s up’ I ask, putting my lip gloss back in my bag.

Sean stands up and heads over to the sink.

‘I think those flowers might have been for you’ he says, opening the cutlery drawer.

‘What makes you think that?’

He lifts out the cutlery tray and rummages around for something before replying.

‘You’ve been wearing Mel’s name tag and you got up close and personal with a celeb yesterday.’

My stomach flips, Adrian Axel, Hollywood megastar, might have sent me, Wren Cooper, shop assistant, flowers.

‘Got it.’ Sean says, holding up a little silver key. He walks over to Samantha’s locker and opens it while I watch on in confusion.

‘It’s a master key’ he explains, ‘Callum showed me where he kept it when I forgot my key for the third day in a row.’

He starts rummaging around in Samantha’s locker as if it is the most natural thing in the world to be doing and then he pulls something small and pink out.

‘I knew it!’ he exclaims holding the small pink thing out to me. ‘Samantha really has it in for you Wren, what did you do?’

I shrug, taking what turns out to be a small envelope from his hand. It’s addressed to ‘Mel’ and it has been opened already. I pull the card out from the envelope. It reads;

                     Thanks for your help Mel. You can ask me 20 questions anytime.

                     ~The Michelin Man


It has his mobile number on it. I am holding Adrian Axel’s mobile number in my hand. I stare at it until Sean interrupts me.

‘Well?’ he says, looking at me expectantly.

‘You were right, the flowers were for me.’ I reply looking back down at the card.


‘They were from Adrian Axel.’

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