I need your help, I’m thinking of dying my hair. I really like my natural hair colour and have never wanted to dye my hair before but recently I’ve been thinking about dying my hair purple. I want it to be noticeable but subtle, maybe a very dark purple/ plum colour, I haven’t made up my mind yet. So since I’m a hair dye virgin I need your tips and advice.

I have very long hair, it stops just above my waist, so I don’t know if one box of hair dye will be enough. Any thoughts on this? Also what do you do with your eyebrows? In Scotland, about 50%  of the girls dye their hair bleach blonde and you see so many of them with blonde hair and really dark eyebrows and I just think it looks wierd. I have brown eyebrows and I think if I dye my hair dark purple it won’t look too odd since both my hair and eyebrows will be dark. But what if it looks comical? Dying my eyebrows purple seems like a big risk. Can you even use the hair dye on your eyebrows? I’m guessing not.

What if the dark purple doesn’t suit me? I have very light skin so the dark hair might make me look a bit like a vampire and I can’t decide if I love or hate that idea. My eyes are green so I think the purple will compliment them nicely but  if I end up looking all washed out I’m not sure what my options are. How soon can you re-dye your hair? If I dye it purple and hate it can I dye it brown the next day?

Please tell me if you dye your hair. Which hair dyes do you reccomend? Which ones should I avoid? Do you have any advice or tips? Also, I do a lot of research before trying stuff like this so I watched a few vids on youtube but no one seems to show you the whole process from beginning to end. If I decide to go ahead with this would any of you find a step by step video of the process useful? Would it be worth me uploading a video? Let me know.

Here is some purple inspiration, which do you like best? 

I’m looking forward to your comments on this one, thanks for checking out my blog 🙂