By not wearing make up you are BETRAYING other women.

No, I’m not serious, I actually have brain cells. The views above are of Daily Mail writer Liz Jones.

The below picture of Holly Willoughby (UK TV Presenter) without any make up on drove Liz Jones into what could only have been a jealous rage which resulted in her writing her article ‘Why Holly’s BETRAYING women by going barefaced’

She said that by posting ‘no make up’ pics, celebrities like Holly are ‘peddling a fantasy’ and calls it ‘arrogant over confident one-upmanship’.

That’s right ladies and gents, by (bravely, in my book) going bare faced and showing that you are a normal human being with imperfections, being a positive role model for women, like me, who can be made insecure about how they look by all of the professionally made up and airbrushed celebs we see, you are simply being arrogant and over confident.  Apparently you are just saying ‘look I don’t need make up to look good.’

 I can’t comment on what celeb motivations are for going bare faced, but even if it is just ‘I look good without make up’ I still think that is a pretty positive message. That message is that make up is not necessary, your face does not need to be improved. 

Liz is her own downfall,  she tells in the article of all of the beauty procedures she has undergone and shows an unflattering picture of herself basically saying, I have had so much work done and I don’t look as attractive as Holly Willougby without makeup so she is just being arrogant.

 ‘Despite Botox, a facelift, laser treatment for dark spots and thread veins, lash extensions and a brow tattoo, I still resembled a blowfish with a rosacea problem.’

She says ‘The reason for posting this photograph was to prove that most of us look like this without make-up, and there is no shame in doing so.I would never go out looking like this, but I felt it important to show the reality of a woman’s face — even though my face has been much tampered with and covered with expensive unguents over the years — is blotchy, puffy, lined … real, in fact.’

Firstly, if there is no shame in looking like that, why would Liz never go out like that?

Secondly, Liz’s face is not a ‘real’ portrayal of what women’s faces look like, it is what HER face looks like, and not what it looks like naturally either, what it looks like after all the botox, facelifts and laser treatment.

Thirdly, she said she would never go out looking like that, she doesn’t go out without makeup on and usually looks like this, which is probably why she feels so insecure about her ordinary face.

Here is my message to Liz. 

Dear Liz,

Just because you only feel you look good when you have make up on does not mean that people who leave the house without make up on are arrogant. It means you are insecure and jealous. It is people like you Liz, who want women conforming to beauty ideals by shovelling on the make up and getting botox and laser treatment, who are working against women. You are the anti-feminist.

Sometimes I wear make up and sometimes I don’t, the decision is up to me. Whether I am BETRAYING or INFLUENCING other women shouldn’t factor in my decision to wear make up. Other women can do whatever they want, they can make their own decisions and so can I.

One of those decisions  is not to hate people who don’t wear make up, even if they look 10 times better than me. Such jealousy between women is poison.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this, please comment 🙂

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