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So something amazing happens and you are granted 3 wishes. Maybe you rubbed some old lamp, helped a leprechaun find his pot of gold or fed a unicorn a sugar cube. Whatever. The point is that you have them so you are going to use them. But there is a catch. They have to be selfish. None of this saintly wishing for world peace or feeding the hungry or curing cancer drivel. Sure those wishes are all very noble and worthwhile and should be your top priority but tough, your wishes come with a set of terms and conditions.

Those terms are:

a) your wish must be selfish, i.e you must wish for something that you desire and it can’t be  something that a holier than thou Miss World candidate would cough up.

b) your wish must at least be an attempt at originality, you wished to win the lottery? So did 5 million other people, guess how much you won?

c) standard wish rules apply- i.e no wishing for more wishes etc.

So if I somehow managed to feed a unicorn a sugary treat and was granted 3 wishes, here is what I would wish for :

1. Lisa Eldridge to do my make up on my wedding day and to give me one of all of her favourite products as a wedding gift.

2. For any book that I have read that goes on to be made into a film, I would have sole authority over who plays the main characters. No more disappointment when the actor or actress looks nothing like the character I imagined in my head. Plus if the Forbidden Game series ever gets made into a movie, Yours Truly will be guaranteed to be playing Jenny.

3. Now this wish is very selfish and a bit wierd. Have you ever had a dream and someone completely random has popped up in it?  I have, people that I don’t think about when I’m awake have somehow managed to wander their way into my subconscious. This got me thinking, I wonder which people out there have had dreams about me? Have I been a flesh-eating zombie in the local lollypop woman’s dream? I just don’t know, and I want to know, so my 3rd wish would be for a dvd archive of all the dreams that I have ever featured in. I would just wake up in the morning and on my bedside table there would be dvd’s of all the dreams that I had appeared in that night, letting me watch the dream like a film and the credits would simply read ‘Produced by X’s subconscious’. Not that I think heaps of people are dreaming about me or anything, it’s just that when they are, I would like to know about it.

Not what you would wish for? Tell us your wishes in the comments section 🙂

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