This is going to be my last post for a while, I am going on holiday on Saturday and I have a lot to do between then and now so I won’t be posting again until after my holiday.

For this post I thought I would share a story from my last holiday that, if you are anything like my boyfriend, you will find very amusing.

We were on holiday in Portugal, spending most of our time on the beach and doing a bit of snorkeling. Everything was peachy.

I was just following some fish, as you do, having a great time. We have been snorkeling for a while, maybe 20 minutes or so and I start to realise that I have been following the same fish for a quite a while and that I haven’t popped my head up to get my bearings. Just as I start to think ‘I hope I am still near the beach’ I hear the strangest sound.

It terrifies me.  My head is under the water and the sound I hear is from under water. It was the weirdest noise, I had never heard anything like it and I can’t describe it to you. But what my panicky brain told me was that that noise was the sound of a shark opening it’s giant mouth to take a bite. Of me.

Here is what went through my head at that point :

So what do I do? Probably the worst thing possible. I panic, scramble to stand up (I don’t register that the water is shallow enough that I can stand up) and I see open water. For a terrible 2 seconds I think I have swum too far out and then I turn around and see the beach, not all that far away. I run like crazy for that beach.

Let’s see then, I think there is a shark somewhere near me so I burst up from the water and probably start splashing as much as humanly possible in my attempt to get the beach. I am so darn clever.

I’ve started running towards the beach when my boyfriend pops up from the water, very close to me. Naturally I scream, realise it is him and not a great white, grab his arm and keep running to the beach.

About 10 seconds later we are on the beach and I am telling him all about my terrifying ordeal and he starts to laugh! I’m thinking that I should have left him out there with Jaws when he explains that the noise I heard was him. He was swimming up behind me and he had started humming/beatboxing under the water.

Morals of the story : 1. I am so terrified of sharks that my brain can reason that underwater beatboxing is a shark opening it’s mouth to eat me. 2. My boyfriend sucks at underwater beatboxing. 3. I can be a huge idiot at times.

Like I said, this is my last post for at least 2 weeks, but when I come back from my holiday there will be a lot of new posts worth checking out and I will also be doing my inspiring and one lovely blogger award nomination posts so look out for those.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂