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I don’t understand…

…why people like butterflies, especially people who are creeped out by insects, I mean they are creepy big bugs but everyone loves them because they have big colourful wings. To me wings do not make a butterfly pretty, they enable it to fly at my face.

…why people eat butter and/or margarine. I know I’m a total minority on this, a total weirdo. But if I’m the weirdo because I don’t spread salted fat on my sandwiches then I can live with that.

…why men are not catered to in the realm of shopping. If you think about the number of shops on the highstreet aimed at women and the number aimed at men you will understand what I mean. Plus in shops that cater to both sexes, it’s often the case that women’s stuff takes up like 90% of the shop and the guys only get some small space in the corner. Don’t even get me started on sales, we girls get them all the time but guys don’t, no wonder so many guys don’t like shopping.

…why those of us in the UK sit back meekly and accept the TV licence, yes it funds quality programming on the BBC, but I don’t watch the BBC, I pay money to Sky because they show programmes that I actually want to watch. It could at least be moved to a subscription service. I don’t care whether or not they have advertisements or product placements, I just care about them taking £145 out of my bank account every year because I dare to watch TV. Stop robbing me!

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