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I’m going to do something I haven’t done before.. share a little bit about my day, because it has been quite an annoying day.

I’m going on holiday to Portugal next week and in anticipation of that I have booked in some waxing treatments. I have never had any waxing done before but I hate it already. The thing about waxing is you have to let yourself get hairy in order to get rid of it. Ok, true for legs this is no big problem as you can just wear trousers but I have also booked in for an eyebrow wax and I feel I am now at the werewolf monobrow stage where it is no longer acceptable to go out. You might think I’m silly, vain, and conceited and that no one really bothers about your eyebrows but you haven’t seen mine. Waiting to be waxed has taught me that if I don’t pluck my eyebrows they will run toward each other like long lost lovers and then work together to try and take over my face.

This monster eyebrow was no gradual downward spiral into werewolf territory, yesterday I didn’t notice anything and went out and about without a care. Today I looked in the mirror, registered the birth of the evil brow and decided I had only 2 options, pluck or stay in. Since I am booked in for an eyebrow wax I only really had one option, stay in, so that’s what I did. This meant that there was no leisurely walk to the newsagent for Glamour mag so that I could get the products that I have been blogging about all week so I will have to ask my boyfriend to pick one up for me on his way home from work and hope that there are still some issues left (I think it will sell out, benefit products are usually quite expensive.)

Once it was established that I was staying in, I thought ok, do some productive work for your blog, you can spend all day on it. This plan worked fine for about half an hour when I discovered and worked out how to use polyvore (I thought all of you crafty fashion bloggers were so clever and had some amazing high tech magazine editing software that I would have to buy to try and do those outfit collages, I can be an idiot at times.)  Then it all went downhill when I came across a blog that had a chat box on it.  I instantly thought ‘Cool! I’m getting one one those.’

So I spent the next several hours trying loads of different chat box widgets (if it exists, I have probably tried it) I tried meebome, chatroll and lots of others. They all seemed so simple and easy to install, you just have to copy some code, so I copied some code into a text widget and then checked out my blog to see what it would look like with a cool little chat box in the sidebar. What did I find? I found code in a text widget. About 20 times.

Then I tried learning about plugins thinking that maybe they somehow held the answer. I then found out how you can only install plugins on a site and not on a site and I finally thought screw plugins, I don’t know what they are anyway.

Oh, I also tried to kill a spider with a shoe, (I don’t care if you are against killing spiders, I don’t care if it is more afraid of me than I am of it, I don’t care if it’s unlucky to kill them, I just care about them not being anywhere near me, and if they are near me, they are dying) But what did the spider do? Well it didn’t sit there meekly and wait for the end. Down came the shoe and up came the spider and suddenly it was in the shoe. That lead to a dance that I’m calling the ‘shoe/spider shake’ which had both me and the spider freaking out until it crawled onto the side of the shoe and I wacked the shoe against a wall. I don’t like spiders.

So all of that has happened, I spent all day on my blog without doing a single meaningful post, it’s now 5pm and I have no cool chat box on my blog so that you can drop by and ask me questions or whatever. I have no free benefit products, my eyebrows are still plotting world domination and I have a squished spider on one half of a pair of new shoes that I bought for my holiday.

At least I found out about polyvore.