More and more women are turning to the sex industry to pay their bills and I don’t mean that they are becoming prostitutes. I mean that they have entered the world of sexy money, by cashing in on their sexuality. Just be warned, when you hear how much money these women are making you may be tempted to follow suit.

So if they aren’t prostitutes, how do they make money in the sex industry? A better question would be how do they not. Apparently people will pay good money for absolutely anything they find sexy, even your pants (I mean knickers for all you U.S folk, not trousers). Seriously.


Some women sell their used pants. I read about this in Glamour magazine and one woman would sell her used pants for £50. She made £7000 in six months.

Is it weird?-Yes.

Would you be embarrased telling people what you do for a living?- Probably.

Would you constantly be buying pants?- Yes.

Would you be rolling in cash -Definately.

Would you need a proper job? -No.

Are you tempted…?

Other women go down the sex line route. Men call them and the women talk dirty… you get the picture. Ever seen the movie Valentine’s Day? Think along the line’s of Anne Hathaway’s character. I don’t have any solid numbers for how much sex line workers get paid. It seems to vary from company to company, I have had a quick look on line and the first company said that you get paid per minute but will only tell actual pay rates to applicants. Another company said £10 an hour, but I get the feeling that that may be on the lower end of the scale. If any of you have any information about pay for sex line workers then please tell us in the comments section.


Now sex-line work to me seems a heck of a lot more difficult than the pants thing. You have to listen to all the wierd and probably not so wonderful sexual fantasies of the people who call you up. There was a TV programme about phone sex broadcast here in Scotland a few weeks ago and one of the sex line workers said that she had lost all faith in men because she had heard all of men’s deep dark fantasies as it were. However some of the other workers on the show seemed to enjoy the job, one of them would even take calls while her friends were over and let them listen in for a laugh.

Other ways women are making money in the sex industry are from ‘sugar daddy’ type websites, where anything from gifts, holidays and allowances are traded for dates, phone calls and webcam calls/shows. Some women are also taking the more ‘backstage’ roles in the sex industry, e.g waitressing in a strip club, you are just a waitress but you make a lot more money by waitressing in a strip club than in a normal bar(although I’m guessing that you probably wear less too.)

So tell me your thoughts. Would you do any of this work? Are you against it morally? What do you think it means for women in general? Are women in the sex industry shrewdly making use of their sexuality for cash? or are they endangering the place of women in society by reducing us to sexual objects? If any of you work in the sex industry please comment, tell us your experiences and thoughts. If any men are reading please let us know what you think too.

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