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The internet is amazing, a shark attack video appeared in my facebook timeline, I watched it and kept following other video links until I ended up at the two videos below which are about plastic surgery and makeup.

Anyway I thought I would share these videos with you because I think a debate is order. I want you to comment with your reactions to these videos because they both had quite an affect on me and I think they will on you too. The first video shows evidence of celebrity plastic surgery (some of the comparisons don’t scream surgery to me but others definately do.) With all of these beautifully altered celebrities in the media it is no wonder women feel such pressure to look good. No wonder we can’t be happy with the size of our noses, width of our foreheads, fullness of our lips etc. Next time you are having an ‘ugly’ day (do you get these too? maybe it’s just me that has days where nothing looks right and I become convinced the mirror is conspiring against me)I want you to think about these videos and realise you look normal! you probably look quite good! It can just be hard to remember that when you compare yourself to people who have spent buckets of money to drastically alter the way they look or have applied makeup in such a way that they no longer look anything like themselves.

Watch the video below from 3 mins 42 secs to see how 2 girls have transformed themselves so that they no longer look like the same girl. I don’t know where I stand on this one. I use makeup but I think maybe a line should be drawn between enhancing what you have naturally and making yourself unrecognisable, I mean if you meet someone looking a ceratin way with makeup, what will happen when you look like a completely different person to them without make-up? Or maybe it doesn’t matter at all? I have to say that I do admire what these girls have achieved with makeup.

So come on guys give me your thoughts on this. What do you think about altering your image in the same way as the videos show? Are these alterations affecting your own self-esteem? How do you feel about friends who go out completely altered, are you fine with it? Does it make you feel less pretty? Is it just a matter of how comfortable you are in your own skin and not caring about what other people do to themselves? Or does it make you feel pressured to follow suit and enhance your own look? Let’s get the debate started, leave a comment!

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂