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I have just discovered nail stamping and thought that I should share the discovery with you all. Take a look at the image below :

Want to know how to get these funky designs onto your nails? It is really easy.

All you need are 4 things :

A Konad Image plate, these retail for around £5 each or there are some for sale on Ebay right now with starting bids of 99p. Or if you are in the U.S Ebay has them for $6.25 but only on buy it now.

A scraper (that’s what I’m calling it)

A stamper (Konad scraper and stamper sets can be bought from ebay for around £5 or $7.

And nail polish

 So if you would like to know how to use all these products together to create cool nails designs like this :

Just watch the following tutorial:

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All images taken from Google Images