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Hey 🙂

I am quite new to blogging but I  have been discovering some cool things to do to make your blog look good. The things I have done to improve my blog so far are:

1. I implemented a  facebook sidebar.

2. I have a visitors flag counter.

3. I learned how to make image collages.

4. I customised the comment and share buttons.

So here are the details of how I did these things.

1.Facebook sidebar : See that facebook box on the left handside of my blog, want one? It is very easy to get, all you have to do is go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘appearance’ > ‘widgets’ , then you select the ‘Facebook Live Box’ widget and drag it to the sidebar box on the right hand side of the screen and you’re done!

2.Flag Counter : I just added this today (tried once before but it didn’t work properly) To see what this is, just look on the left handside of my blog, see the box with the flags in it? Well that is telling everyone who views my blog  what other countries my blog is being viewed from. If you want this follow these steps : Got to www.flagcounter.com, create your flag counter (it is very simple, just follow the instructions) once you have created your flagcounter it will give you a code, copy that code, go to your widgets page, put a ‘text’ widget in your sidebar, put your flag counter code in the body of the text widget and now you have a flag counter 🙂

3. Image collages : I had no idea how to do these but thought they would add a nice touch to posts that I do. So I googled it. For my collages I go to www.photovisi.com and follow their step by step instructions. So simple. Once you have made your collage you have to click on ‘download’, click on it because you then get to see your finished collage before you download it, then all I do is right-click on the final image and save it. Here is an example of one of mine :

4. Customising comment prompt and share buttons : If you look at the bottom of this post you can see you have the option to share it on facebook etc.. but my text doesn’t just read the standard ‘share it’, I customised it so it reads’ Think your friends would like this? tell them about it’. If you want to customise your ‘share this’ text just go to ‘settings’>’sharing’ and then change your sharing label  🙂

Customising comment prompt : Just go to settings > discussion, then scroll to the bottom of the page and change the text in the prompt box, you will notice that my comment prompt says ‘Go on…get in on the discussion.’ You can change yours to whatever you want.

So, like I said, I am new to blogging and these are just the things I know how to do so far but I hope they are useful to you anyway. If you know of any other cool ways to customise your blog, please tell us all in the comments section. I would particularly like to know how to get the ‘ Join x-amount of other followers’ box that shows how many followers you have.

If there is anything else you would like to know how to do, why not ask in the comments section?  Maybe one of my other readers will know the answer.

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂 Please follow and ‘Like’ on facebook, go on, I showed you where the box is and everything 😉