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So readers of my blog already know that it is mostly fashion and beauty orientated but it is called ‘Beauty and the best of the rest’ for a reason. That reason is so that I can throw into the mix the random stuff I like that I think you also might enjoy, which is in my opinion, the best of other things which aren’t fashion or beauty related.

That’s why I would like to tell you about The Forbidden Game.


The Forbidden Game 1 : The Hunter by L.J. Smith has been my favourite book since I was around 12  but I think people of any age who enjoy a bit of horror and a bit of romance would enjoy it.

It is the first book in a great trilogy which tells the story of a normal 16 year old girl called Jenny and her group of friends who are entrapped in a very real house of horrors by a demon. The house of horrors functions as a game where the players have to survive all the horrors thrown at them in order to win the game and escape, but if they loose, the demon wins a very different prize which none of them can bare to think about.


I absolutely love this book. If you read it or have read it then please tell us your thoughts in the comments section. If you write anything which could be considered a spoiler please include a spoiler alert in the beginning of the comment.

Thanks for reading my blog 🙂