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I have been noticing some new fashion accessories slowly emerging into the market which aren’t quite mainstream yet. They all seem pretty cool.

Have you discovered shoe jewellery yet?

 Below are ‘Bling Backs’.

These are Shoe cuffs.

These are what I am calling ‘Shoe Bracelets’.

So those are ways to glam up your shoes, what about glamming up your tops and dresses?

Below are examples of the Peter Pan Collar (this is the most mainstream item of the post, you might have one already) You just put it on over your top and ta da! your top has a collar.

What if your top already has a collar? You can still glam it up by adding collar tips.

So do you own any of these funky accessories yet? Where did you get them? Comment and let us know 🙂 I’m particularly interested to know where to get some shoe cuffs as I couldn’t find these for sale on the internet.

If you don’t have any of these yet, would you now consider getting some? Which accessory is your favourite? I like them all 🙂

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All images taken from Google Images.