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…to stick to your guns. You said ‘no’ to trying radio-active looking food but they insist, tough! no means no.

…to secretly turn the shopping trolley into a scooter when no one is looking.

…to return an item simply because you changed your mind about it.No it wasn’t too small, you don’t want it in another colour, you just want your money back.

…to see your friends having babies and think that you need at least another 5 years before even contemplating it.

…to not want babies.The human race will continue without your contribution.

…to re-gift. You don’t like it, why can’t you give it to someone who does?

…to go to work looking like a supermodel on Monday but come Thursday you look like Shrek, you’ve had a busy week, it was either stay late to get that report finished or get your beauty sleep.

…to put the beauty sleep before the report. Shrek is not a good look on you.

…to buy a lottery ticket and immediately start planning how you are going to spend your winnings.

…to actually be surprised and disappointed when you don’t win the lottery. After all, your horoscope did say that you would come into some money today.

…to not be a technophile. No you don’t want the latest new mobile phone because it can make calls to the moon. Your current mobile suits you just fine.

…to like this blog on Facebook, go on you know you want too 😉


Inspired by Glamour Magazine’s ‘Hey, it’s OK’ page but all work is my own.