Trying Arbonne


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Recently my local Arbonne consultant got in touch to ask if I would like to review some products and of course I said yes.

Donna, the Arbonne consultant, sent me the Intense Hydration Mask, Arbonne Intelligence CC Cream, Pure Vibrance Colorlast Hair Serum, RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream and a vanilla and java eye shadow duo, all of which you can see below:


The first thing I tried was the Intense Hydration Mask as I have been having problems with dry skin. The mask was good because it didn’t really dry in and  a mask so dry that it cracks is really not what you want when you have dry skin. I left it on for 10 minutes, washed it off with warm water and noticed a real difference after just the first use. My skin felt a lot smoother and a lot less dry than it had been. I think if you have dry skin it really couldn’t hurt to give it a go.

Once my skin was feeling a bit better I tried the CC cream and it was a little bit dark for my skin but not overly so. I could get away with it If I blended it well at my neck. It was actually a really nice colour that made me look like I had been away in the sun for a week or two but it wasn’t too orangey which was good.

The eye shadow duo is a good little hand-bag extra, the brown is great for a smokey eye, it blends really well and it’s easy to remove. It’s inspired me to try a brown smokey eye. The vanilla wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything to rave about either, just a normal eye shadow that does the job.

I tried the hair serum twice because I didn’t realise the first time around just how little you need to use, seriously – a lot goes a long way with this stuff, once I got the hang of it it was quite good at smoothing down frizz, particularly when I was wearing my hair back in a pony-tail but you have to be extremely careful not to make your hair look greasy. I found putting a teeny tiny bit in the palm of my hand and rubbing my hands together before applying to my hair was the best way to get the results I wanted.

I didn’t really notice a result with the lifting and contouring eye cream but I think maybe that it is meant for more mature skin, I have some dark pigmentation under my eyes but I don’t have puffiness or bags so there wasn’t really anything to lift or contour in the first place. The cream smells quite nice though and it comes in a lovely chic little pot that looks nice enough to leave on show somewhere in the bedroom or bathroom.

Overall I would say that if you like discovering new beauty brands you should give Arbonne a go because you just might find something you like. I’ve used my Intense hydration mask more than once and I’m very glad that Donna chose to send me this.

Arbonne is a global brand and Donna can supply anyone in the UK, USA, Canada, Poland and Australia with products. Her details are below and her website link is also the place to find out the prices of everything I have reviewed.

Finally, I would just like to say thanks  to Donna for sending me these products to try 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Transforming Faces and Opinions


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I now know the strangest thing I have experienced as a blogger.  It was watching a woman receive botox. You can share the experience too because I filmed it. I also filmed someone receiving lip filler and someone else getting a chemical peel.

I was invited along to Transform Glasgow’s Blogger Information evening to watch and ask questions about their popular non-surgical treatments. It was an eye-opener, literally in the case of the botox.

After I arrived at the hidden in plain sight clinic, which manages to be slap bang in the middle of Glasgow’s city centre without anyone noticing it, I met Sophie from Label PR who welcomed me, and showed me to the clinic’s large and comfortable waiting area where I met two lovely bloggers named Robyn and Ashley.

We chatted about the treatments we were going to watch and took pictures of the on topic cupcakes at the buffet.


A chat and some cocktail sausages later and we were in one of the clinics’ treatment rooms watching a chemical peel being applied. It didn’t take very long and I now believe all those throw away lines about lunch-hour treatments.

This was the result, you can watch the full (and I mean full because I tried the YouTube video editor and we didn’t get on) video below.


After the chemical peel we watched someone receive botox injections on their forehead and around their eyes which was weirdly fascinating. The woman getting it done said it wasn’t very painful but I’ll warn you before you watch the video that there is some blood and whenever she gets injected it puffs up like a bee sting. Each of the videos contain lots of information about the treatments and their aftercare, lasting effects, prices and so on. I would say they are worth a watch if you are thinking of getting any of the treatments.

Then it was time for the last treatment of the evening, the lip filler.  This treatment was the one that I was most eager to see the results of because Kylie Jenner is the only example of lip filler ending up ‘attractive’ that I knew of and the only other times I have seen lip fillers in the media it was usually centred on how horribly wrong they went. But this is where Transform transformed my opinion, not only did the result not look awful, it also didn’t look ‘obviously’ done which is something I imagine that people who want lip fillers would be aiming for.


How weird is that to watch?

So that’s what I saw. What I heard were quite a few bloggers expressing that their opinions about non-surgical treatments on the whole were more positive after the event. My personal opinion? I don’t even know it. While I wouldn’t advocate non-surgical treatments I wouldn’t argue against them either.  I view lip-fillers and botox as being on the extreme side of beauty treatments but  I wouldn’t bat an eye at getting laser hair removal (I am actually going to get that) or teeth whitening and I recognise myself that those opinions are quite contradictory. I think it ultimately comes down to the individual, if you think that plumper lips or less wrinkles or whatever will make you happier and you want to go for it then go for it, I don’t see a difference between getting botox and dying your hair, they both change your natural appearance and following that chain of thought how is make up any different? And if you don’t wear make up or alter your appearance in any way, you know what? I really admire you, because I am one mixed up contradiction of a beauty blogger.

Thanks for reading!

Oh and a BIG thank you to Transform Glasgow and Label PR for inviting me to the event and thank you very much for the great goody-bag. 

20150611_220056Thanks also to goodie bag sponsors Neostrateskin, Hotel Chocolat, Gold Collagen,, Epionce and Crabtree and Evelyn.

Flash Converse SALE!


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I just found out about a flash Converse sale where you can get really popular pairs like these:

pink converse

for £20.00!

If you are a size 4 we are not friends because you can buy these:


and I can’t! Size 4 is all they have left 😥 

The sale is at 

You’re welcome 😉

Completely Free Beauty Treatments Available In Edinburgh This Weekend


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I’ve found out about a really cool FREE event taking place this weekend (Sat 30th and Sun 31st of May) in Edinburgh. Spa in the City 2015 will be taking place in the West End at The Huxley.

spa in the city

A whole range of brands and retailers are taking part to offer free treatments and tutorials including Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Jenners, Boots, Lush Spa, Superdrug, Sleeping Beauty Salon (I’ve reveiwed that salon before, you can read it here)  Beyond Beauty, Sisley, Liz Earle, Decleor, Bare Minerals, Murad, Clarins Spa, Regis Spa, Rituals, No7, Benefit and lots of others.

A wristband entitles you to two free treatments and if you get there early (the event starts at 9am) you might even get a goody-bag!

You can find out all about the event at:

This is not a sponsored post, I just found out about this event and thought you might like to know about it too! 

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

Calvin Klein Edinburgh Boutique Launch


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So I went to the press launch of the Calvin Klein Edinburgh Watch and Jewellery Boutique. The boutique opened on Princes Street in Edinburgh in December but they have been kept quite busy so the press launch was just over a week ago. It’s one of those shops that’s nice to have a browse in, you will see some interesting and lovely pieces and, if you are with someone, you will find yourself saying things like ‘oh look at this.’

It’s also one of those shops that is dangerous for your bank balance. At least, it is for mine. Everything in there was absolutely stunning and absolutely out of my price range..well out of the price range I set for myself, I’m meant to be saving up. I don’t need a watch… I don’t need a gorgeous £160 watch. Do I want one though? Yep. 

And here’s why:



Each watch I tried on just looked gorgeous and elegant and eye-catching.

Some of the collections on display were extra tempting because they included matching jewellery…



So I tried a little bit of that on too…


These pictures show just a tiny amount of the selection Calvin Klein has to offer:


…and I could post a lot more pictures of things that caught my eye but if you want to see more the best thing to do would be to pop into the boutique and see everything in  all its shiny glory for yourself.

But maybe you don’t live near Edinburgh or maybe you just can’t take the temptation…that’s not a problem, you can check out the below post from Lisa, one of the lovely bloggers that I met at the event.

I met some other really nice bloggers who you could check out too, their posts about the event aren’t published yet but they have a lot of other cool stuff going on:

To finish off I would just like thank Amanda for inviting me to the event and all of the boutique staff for being so friendly. Thanks for the goody-bag too!

(My goody-bag contained a Calvin Klein portable speaker and a bottle of Calvin Klein Reveal perfume)

The Gorgeous hotel I stayed at in Edinburgh


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Recently for a work event I had to stay at a Hotel in Edinburgh.  Since it was for a work event I just wanted something at a good price near the venue I had to go to, and that was pretty much all I considered when looking for a place to stay.

When I got to my hotel it was so nice that it was almost a shame to go to my event. I just wanted to stay in and enjoy my hotel room. For me it is easily the most luxurious hotel I have ever stayed in, but it certainly wasn’t the most expensive.  For the night the room was £59, or £69 with breakfast.

This is what my room looked like:


20150326_142855 20150326_143155 20150326_142929

The En-suite was lovely too:

20150326_143406 20150326_143350 20150326_143357 20150326_143420 20150326_143440

Seeing this amazing shower made me disappointed that I had turned up with freshly washed hair, I wanted so badly to properly try it out. The hotel did provide shower caps but I have quite long hair and I wouldn’t have had time to dry it if I got it wet. I checked the water pressure though and it was great. The shampoo, conditioner and body lotion provided were from The White Company.

The Excellent Little Touches


The hotel is in Edinburgh so some complimentary Scottish Tunnocks biscuits were a really nice touch. I had a teacake before I even explored the room.20150326_143039 20150326_143303

This little dress stand thing ( yeah I have no idea what it is actually called) was my favourite thing in the room and I want one at home. Unfortunately the straps of my dress for the night were silky and would slide off so I still had to use a coat-hanger.20150326_143220Yep, my room came with it’s own GHD’s, I wouldn’t have brought mine if I had known. I’m pretty sure all of the rooms had GHD’s because a colleague of mine also stayed the night there and she had some in her room too. Her room was a little different to mine but equally lovely.20150326_143057The TV was in the mirror.


So which hotel offers this gorgeous great-value room? That would be the Murrayfield House Hotel in Edinburgh. It is a stone’s throw away from Murrayfield stadium and really near to the city centre. I still can’t believe it was only £59 a night. I had breakfast (which was really nice too) so for me it was £69. I don’t have any reason to stay in Edinburgh again any time soon but I’m pretty sure I’ll find some excuse to stay here again.

So, if you are looking for a hotel in Edinburgh you know where to find a great one.

*This was not a sponsored post, I just stayed at this hotel and thought it was too nice not to share it with you.*

Breige x

Trying OSMO


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I was recently sent one of OSMO’s 2014 gift packs and I would like to thank Laura at AJPR for sending this on to me to review.

I was able to chose which range I would like to try a product from and I chose to receive something from the shine range as currently I have a few hair products which claim to enhance or add shine that I have been using so I would be able to measure up how OSMO compares performance-wise.

Laura sent me the OSMO Shine gift pack:


When I opened my parcel to reveal this decent sized, heavy and glitzy box it did feel a bit like a present. I thought yeah,ok, hair care products maybe aren’t on the top of every girls wishlist, they’re not on top of mine, but I would be happy to receive this as a gift – I wouldn’t unwrap it and be disappointed, I’d be quite satisfied and curious to try the products out.

The contents of the Shine gift set are shown on the box as:

Blinding Shine Shampoo 350ml

Blinding Shine Conditioner 350ml

Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher 125ml

So I was surprised when I opened the box to find the 3 above mentioned products plus a 4th product:

20141103_163910I felt what can only be described as ‘well chuffed’ at finding this bonus product, I love surprises! Now it has only this instant occurred to me that maybe this bonus surprise product isn’t in every box and it may in fact be a perk of being a blogger sent the box to review but, as the surprise was actually in the box, I think it is a genuine surprise product and and I give that a big thumbs up. ( The reason I subscribe to glossy box is because it’s basically a grown up lucky bag – surprises are always going to score high with me) EDIT: I have checked, my surprise was indeed a genuine surprise and not a blogger perk, which makes me wonder what surprises the other OSMO gift packs have.

The surprise product is called Wonder 10 and you spray it evenly over damp hair, leave-in and style as normal to :

  1. Repair dry and damaged hair
  2. Nourish and protect for radiant shine
  3. Provide thermal protection from styling tools
  4. Deliver soft, silky & more manageable results
  5. Colour Protect
  6. Create body and movement
  7. Detangle (incredibly apparently)
  8. Prevent static
  9. Condition (both natural and synthetic hair – so the bonus is a double bonus if you wear extensions)
  10. Smooth split ends and control frizz

Now Wonder 10 is the one product I haven’t used yet as this week has been more about dry shampoo and less about soft,silky manageable hair-  because I have been rushed off my feet – but I’m trying it out after washing my hair tonight and will update this post tomorrow. Due to how well my other OSMO products have performed I have high hopes for this little wonder bottle. I can tell you right now that it smells amazing – i have no idea what it actually smells of but whatever it is I would genuinely wear as perfume.

(EDIT: I have now tried Wonder 10 and I agree that it conditions, controls frizz and static, and detangles very well. My hair does also feel silky. Body and movement is a hard thing for me to measure as I have thick hair so it’s always full of ‘body’. Likewise  colour protect, nourishment, thermal protection, repairing dryness and damage I can’t really comment on – my hair is my natural colour so no protection is needed (what is colour protection anyway? preventing fade?) The easiest thing for me to say is that my hair feels and looks good so as far as I’m concerned Wonder 10 is delivering results.)

I did find time somehow to try the shampoo and conditioner, maybe because I put them straight on my bathroom shelf when I got them – I was happy because they are not run-of-the-mill and look quite decorative in my bathroom:


I have a stupidly tiny amount of storage space in my bathroom so I always have products on the window sill and littered around the bath so I really really like it when something actually looks good on display. It makes my bathroom feel tidier so the OSMO bottles get top marks for how they look, that shelf wasn’t so great to look at when Head and Shoulders was up there.

 I also think they look like expensive products hair dressers would use so you might be surprised when I tell you that the price for my whole shine gift-set is around £14 (most places have it for £14ish but I did manage to find it online at and for under a tenner.) I only did a quick search so if you find any good deals let me know because I am now an OSMO fan.

Part of the reason I’m a fan is because their products do what they say on their bottles and these products made my hair shine. The Shampoo did all of the stuff that I would expect and gave my hair a noticable shine (I did take pictures as I was planning to compare results with my Vo5 Nourish my Shine shampoo but trying to show a difference in shine was asking a bit much of camera)

The shampoo made my hair nice and shiny. Curiously it smells like an aftershave or cologne which is unusual for a women’s shampoo, but quite cool. My hair smells quite nice when I use it, it just doesn’t smell of something generic like strawberries.

The conditioner didn’t really have much of a scent to speak of which is no issue for me – not really any need for both of the products to smell. It conditions well and leaves my hair very soft.

My hero product is the Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher. I actually used this without having used the Blinding Shine Shampoo or Conditioner as I wanted to see how well it worked on its own. It works amazingly. Anyone who uses GHD’s straighteners will understand this next part, you know when you have nice freshly washed hair and then you use your GHD and instantly your hair is all shiny-shiny? The illuminating finisher is just that in a bottle – spray and be dazzled – instant shine. If you use too much you are in danger of going from shiny to greasy – I know because I  enjoyed  spraying my magic shine bottle a little too much until my hair looked like it hadn’t been washed in a week but if you have enough restraint not to get carried away then you will love the Blinding Shine Illuminating Finisher. I didn’t notice a sent until I sprayed some on my hand just now to tell you guys – if you sniff it it smells medicated but I don’t actually smell anything when I am just spraying it on my hair. It’s also not sticky or heavy in the slightest so it’s a pretty perfect product. The Wonder 10 is also not sticky – I just tried it on my hand.

Well that’s all I have to say about OSMO for tonight – if you pop back tomorrow night I’ll update this post let you know how I got on with Wonder10.

Lastly- Would I buy this gift set? Yes, without hesitation. 

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂

Mary Kay Press Event in Glasgow


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Recently I got to go along to a Mary Kay Press Event in Glasgow. It was at the gorgeous Blythswood Hotel in a nice little bar which we had all to ourselves for the event. We got to wander around and try the products placed on tables around the room and ask the Mary Kay staff everything from how the brand began to what their latest products were. Below are some images that give just a hint of the range that Mary Kay has to offer. There is also some interesting information about the brand at the bottom of this post.
Table Pic (2) DSC_0943 (1) DSC_0946 DSC_0944 Mens (1) 20141028_174846 20141028_181414After wandering around trying things from the tables Make-up artist Lynne Mills from EyeCandy Professional Make-up gave me a nice little make over. I was grateful for this as I had only found out about the event that day (thanks Amy!) and had come straight from work so I wasn’t exactly feeling or looking glamourous.
DSC_0933 (3)After my makeover I got to put together my own palette and I chose some of the products which Lynne had used on me. This made the choice a little easier – there was so much to choose from.20141028_174955 20141028_175009 Here is a pic of me (looking particularly frumpy) but I’m pleased with my make over from Lynne and happy to show off my own custom palette. There are better images of it below.DSC_0940 (1)My palette wasn’t the only thing that I got to take home with me, Mary Kay were very generous.
20141103_155034 20141103_160440 20141103_161214 20141103_161455 You can buy and create your own custom Mary Kay palette. I still have space in mine and I’m thinking that I will include some brushes and maybe some of my own make-up like eye-liner.                                                                                                               Compact Pro (Empty) Palette : £12.50

20141103_163508I tried to pick my favourite product from my Mary Kay haul and I just couldn’t, everything I’ve tried is really good, but I have 3 products which I love and that I am already using everyday. The skinvigorate brush is one of them. To use it you wet your face, apply a cleanser ( I recently converted to cream cleansers and now there is no going back) I’ve used this brush with the Mary Kay Timewise 3-in-1 cleanser(more about that below) and with my own Elemis cleanser and it works great with both. I’m continuing to use it with the Elemis one just now as I like to use all of a product before moving on to the next one. I’ve used it morning and night for 3 days and I’m already much happier with my skin. Anyway back to how use it: wet your face and the brush, apply cleanser and then use the brush in a circular motion for 15 seconds on each area of your face (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin – don’t use it too close to your eyes where the skin is delicate) The brush has a pleasantly odd sensation which I find quite relaxing. I find a light touch works best as, if you apply too much pressure it can feel a bit like the brush is dragging your skin but if you hold it lightly enough it gently buffs and polishes your skin and leaves it looking and feeling great.20141103_163526 It even comes with batteries included and a replacement brush head (it’s recommended that you change the brush head every 3 months so I will have to pick up some more of those.) The only negative thing I have to say about the brush is that I had to wrestle a little bit to take the bottom of the brush off. I did eventually manage to take it off myself (to insert the batteries)- I’m not sure If my own model was particularly stiff or if it is the same story with all of the brushes but either way it is really not much of an issue and the excellent results are well worth this small hassle.                                     Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush: £35.00

20141103_161607 My second love is this Mary Kay mascara, I actually got one of these in a Glossybox a while back and hadn’t tried it yet ( I told you a like to finish a product before moving on to the next) Anyway I have tried this now and I LOVE it. The finished result is amazing. I’ll need to do a separate post on good mascaras because I have a few that I like but I think this one might be number one.                                                                       

Lash Love Mascara: £16:00

20141103_163318 20141103_163231 True Dimensions Lipstick: £14.0020141103_161949 Semi-matte Lipstick: £12.00

20141103_162736Beauty Blotter Oil Absorbing Tissues: £5.5020141103_161825 Translucent Powder: £18.0020141103_163002 Nail Lacquer: £9.0020141103_162400 The cleanser above is a good choice particularly if you want a cleanser which also exfoliates as it contains little exfoliation beads which do a very good job. This will be a weekend cleanser for me as I can be quite rushed in the morning and when I have used exfoliating cleansers like this in the past I end up finding/feeling exfoliation beads when I am doing my make-up for work, apparently I never manage to wash them all off. I will treat my skin to this on weekends when I have time to make sure it is all properly washed off and it will make a nice little addition to my routine.                                    

Timewise 3-in-1 Cleanser: £20.0020141103_162625This eye make-up remover is my 3rd love. It takes my make-up off effortlessly and works so well that instead of waiting for my Simple eye make-up remover to run out I have just ditched it as I think the Mary Kay one works much better.                              

Oil-Free Make-Up Remover: £13.00

After trying their products I’m impressed with Mary Kay and know I will make future purchases from them. If you want to purchase Mary Kay products too there are a few ways to do this, Mary Kay has 3 million beauty consultants worldwide in over 35 countries. The beauty consultants offer a try before you buy service and let’s face it buying make-up without trying it before hand is just a gamble and  the reason why I have so many full bottles of foundation gathering dust. 

Speaking of foundation, Mary Kay cater to all ethnicities and age groups with all of their cosmetic and skin care products so you should be able to find exactly what you need and stop adding to your dust gathering collection of bottles and tubes.

To find out who is your nearest Mary Kay beauty consultant or to buy Mary Kay products online visit, now is a good time visit as I spotted some free gift offers today.

Thank you to the team at Mary Kay for all of my great products and answering all of my questions ( the start-up story was particularly interesting, if you want to know the story it’s on the Mary Kay website along with details of how you can become a Mary Kay consultant – they get a 40% discount by the way)

Thanks also to Lauren at Pure PR for letting me attend at short notice and to Lynne for my make over. 

Thanks for checking out my blog 🙂